Zombie Movies to Watch on Netflix 2022

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Using the zombie theme in the entertainment world is never too much. From a long time ago to the present day, telling stories of the undead has always been quite interesting, whether it’s appealing to a horror closer to real-life situations or telling stories so absurd that they’re even funny.

Zombies come and go in pop culture. In the 2000s, for example, it was all about zombies, and several movies debuted on the big screen and scared (and disgusted) everyone. Sometime later, the series The Walking Dead arrived, an adaptation of the comics of the same name, to consolidate the theme in entertainment for a few more years.

Zack Snyder’s latest film, Army of the Dead: Invasion of Las Vegas, debuted last year on Netflix and made fans of zombies and apocalypse stories delight. Most of the film was filmed in Atlanta City on abandoned casinos; if you are interested in this theme, you can combine the love for zombies and betting through themed slots and more; the expert website OLBG.com shows you where to bet in NJ.

Check out our list of the best zombie movies on Netflix!

Ash vs. Evil Dead

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Ash vs. Evil Dead is a spin-off of the Evil Dead film franchise. It’s been 30 years since Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) and his chainsaw saved the world. However, when the Evil Dead is unleashed and threatens humanity, Ash reluctantly takes on the hero role again alongside new characters.


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Andy was bitten by a zombie and is now infected with a deadly virus. He desperately tries to save his daughter Rosie from the same fate, and for that, he has only 48 hours to find a safe place and thus guarantee the girl’s life. The solution may be to go to an isolated Aboriginal tribe but be incorporated into the group. He will have to help a young indigenous girl overcome a dangerous challenge.

Despite this being a zombie movie, the script further addresses issues not very attentive to the genre, such as compassion, perseverance, and faith. Andy is the typical plot hero of this vein, charismatic, confident, and willing to make superhuman sacrifices when the lives of those he loves are at stake.

Army of the Dead: Invasão em Las Vegas

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In “Army of the Dead: Invasion of Las Vegas”, director Zack Snyder brings the story of Scott Ward, a homeless and former war hero who only left to sell hamburgers on the street. Scott sees a life-changing opportunity when he hears casino mogul Bly Tanaka’s proposal: invade zombie-infested Las Vegas to steal $200 million from a vault before the 32-hour deadline given by the government, and the city is reduced to ruins.

The reward money may help him reconcile with his daughter Kate, so he accepts the challenge and assembles a team of the best-prepared thieves he knows to pull off the grand theft.


The undead appears from time to time on the big screen, not always in horror movies. Often, zombies are presented to the audience in a hybrid plot that mixes horrifying situations with comedy, drama, action or science fiction, and even romance, as with #Alive by South Korean Il Cho.

The film, the director’s debut, tells the story of a boy passionate about virtual games who need to stay alive during a zombie apocalypse and locks himself up in his apartment. The scene becomes even more chaotic when the power supply is cut, and he finds himself unable to talk to family and friends, play online games and connect with the outside world.


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For those who want to laugh while watching the brain eaters, Zombieland is a good option. Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, and Abigail Breslin, the film tells the story of a disorganized group that forms an unlikely alliance to make it to Los Angeles safe and sound.


Those who liked “Zombie Invasion” and the series “Kingdom,” for example, will approve of “Desenfreado” by South Korean Kim Sung-hoon. The story takes place in 17th-century Korea. The story takes place long before the schism that gave birth to the North and South territories.

The paranoid king of Joseon, Lee Jo, feels that he is surrounded by enemies, who conspire to see him off the throne, and rebels, dissatisfied and outraged by the excesses and privileges of the monarchy. Meanwhile, a ship brings Prince Lee Cheung back from exile. He will have the mission to lead an army capable of putting a stop to the excessive greed of the aristocrats, but he ignores that there are also monsters from another world threatening to destroy the kingdom.


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