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How Much Is ‘Dubai Bling’ Zeina Khoury’s Net Worth?

The affluent citizens of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, are the subjects of “Dubai Bling,” a reality show available on Netflix. Several long-time friends from the same social circle are featured in the presentation.

The program has its share of tension due to the usual presence of polarising viewpoints and animosity between characters. Nonetheless, there are opportunities to experience love, joy, and warmth even in the midst of the mayhem.

Zeina Khoury is one of the show’s main characters, and she has a large fan base thanks to her glitzy and ambitious way of life. Fans of the reality star are understandably interested in learning more about her net worth and source of money.

Here is everything we know about it if you’re in the same situation and want to learn more about it.

The 2022 Zeina Khoury Budget

The 2022 Zeina Khoury Budget

Zeina Khoury’s estimated net worth in 2022 is $2.81Million. Through her work, she has amassed a fortune of several million dollars.

On December 13, 1983, Zeina Khoury entered the world. She is currently a famous entrepreneur and social media star. As a result of her successful job, Zeina Khoury now has a comfortable bank account.

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She graduated with an MBA from London’s prestigious London Business School

Having a good education isn’t a problem for Zeina. According to her LinkedIn profile, she attended Columbia Business School, the Wharton Online School at the University of Pennsylvania, and just graduated from London Business School.

According to Fact Magazine, before going to the UAE, she earned a degree in finance in Lebanon.

She currently holds the position of chief executive officer.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Zeina serves as CEO of High Mark Real Estate. She is in charge of overseeing the company’s “high-end properties,” such as the Palazzo Versace Dubai and the D1 Tower.

And you can be sure that her immaculate taste in clothing is as impressive as her impressive resume. The title “Queen of Versace” fits her well. Here’s an illustration:

According to her LinkedIn profile, Zeina has also volunteered with the Lebanese Red Cross in her leisure time.

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About the “Dubai Bling” singer Zeina Khoury’s personal life

About the "Dubai Bling" singer Zeina Khoury's personal life

Zeina is a married woman who is the proud mother of two young children: a cute daughter named Alexa and a young son named Joey. Zeina’s husband Hanna Azzi, who is also Khoury’s, is frequently featured in her Instagram photos.

The Lebanese real estate agent has arrived in Dubai and is living the high life, but work demands mean she is unable to spend much time with her family.

Zeina has a deep appreciation for a wide range of art genres and enjoys learning about other civilizations. She enjoys the cinema and has even met some of her favorite actors and actresses, like Michele Morrone.

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Her favorite place in the world is Dubai.

Her favorite place in the world is Dubai.

The city is like a second home to Zeina, as she recently told Fact Magazine. She gushed, “In Dubai, I not only found love, but I also started a fantastic family and a thriving company.”

Zeina elaborated, saying, “The city has insured my future and the future of my children, and it has given me an opportunity away from home to feel comfortable, secure, find love, and establish myself as a businesswoman.”

Yes, please! Learn more about Zeina and the rest of the Dubai Bling cast by watching the series on Netflix right now.

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