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How American Businessman James Prince Earned & Spending His $35 Million Net Worth?

Businessman James Prince hails from the United States. In the music industry, he is well-known as the CEO of Houston-based record label Rap-a-Lot Records. In 1986, he started the record label from scratch.

For twenty years, J. Prince has tirelessly advocated for Houston’s rap community and its musicians. His current focus is on outreach to economically disadvantaged areas.

Ancestral Years

On October 31, 1965, James L. Smith entered this world. His birthplace was Morne Diablo. Prince got his start in the music industry as a DJ for a local sound system. To avoid confusion, he now goes by “J,” a moniker he adopted in 2008.

Prince. “Victory,” his debut single, was produced by G Master. On the Tempo’s Cross-Caribbean secular countdown, the music video for “Victory” peaked at number two.

In 2011, J. Since the release of Omega – A New Beginning and Renaissance on Prince’s Flow Master Records, he has performed alongside DJ Nicholas, Sherwin Gardner, Positive, and American rap artist Flame.

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In 1986, Prince founded the hip-hop record label Rap-a-Lot in Houston. A humble beginning on the second floor of his car business was where he first opened up shop.

Initially, he established the record label so that he could provide his younger brother with a positive outlet and divert his attention away from negative influences.

Smoke-a-Lot Records is a subsidiary of the corporation. In 1988, he relocated the label to New York, where he could keep an eye on his buddies and fellow Def Jam executives, Russel Simmons and Lyor Cohen.

The Geto Boys, the most popular act on Rap-a-lot, helped to establish the South as a center of hip-hop. A year later, in 1989, the firm released “Grip It! On That Other Level,” featuring the rap duo he discovered, Scarface and Willie D.

During that same year, the FBI looked into Rap-a-Lot. The charges were withdrawn after an investigation revealed that the label had committed no wrongdoing. Ever since, it has been a staple of the rap scene, especially in the south, where gangster rap is popular.

Priority Records and Virgin Records, both owned by EMI, handled distribution between 1991 and 1994. (1994–2000). The label, Asylum Records by WEA, handled distribution in the new millennium.

I’m not from Houston, but I Rap-a-Lot” is a line from the song “Flava in Ya Ear (remix)” by the Notorious B.I.G.

What J. Prince Makes Now and How Much He’s Worth

What J. Prince Makes Now and How Much He's Worth

Prince, a well-known music executive headquartered in Houston, Texas, has amassed considerable wealth over the course of his career.

Due to his success in the music industry and other ventures, J. Prince is estimated to be worth $35 million. Despite the fact that James’ pay as the successful boss man has not been verified, many speculate that he gets multiple millions of dollars annually.

J Prince also receives a part of the proceeds from his concerts and other music-related events. In addition, he has an Angus Cattle Ranch in Huston, Texas, which brings in at least $200,000 per year in profit.

But that’s not all Prince does for a living; he also manages boxers. He has shared the ring with such legends as Floyd Mayweather and Andre Ward.

Value of J. Prince’s Career in Various Coins

Value of J. Prince's Career in Various Coins

A month of November 2022, J. Prince’s wealth skyrocketed to a staggering $25 million. Let’s have a look at J. Prince’s wealth in various currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 23,820,000
Pound Sterling £ 20,449,062
Australian Dollar A$ 36,069,825
Canadian Dollar C$ 32,587,375
Indian Rupee ₹ 1,948,787,500
BitCoin ฿ 1314.21

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As far as Houston goes, J. Prince is practically a god. This hip-hop tycoon has done a lot of good for the music industry in his native state over the past three decades.

Through his leadership at Rap-A-Lot Records, several of the label’s musicians saw their careers take off. The businessman and manager have branched out into other fields, such as music, boxing, and most recently writing his autobiography.

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