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Who Is the Wife of Ncis Star Sun Murray and Now Who Is a Major Business Owner

Much might be said about Sean Murray’s accomplishments. His portrayal as Special Agent Timothy McGee on NCIS is unquestionably his most famous to date.

Given the abundance of crime shows vying for viewers’ attention, the fact that NCIS has proven to be one of the most successful of all time is quite an accomplishment.

The popularity of NCIS, which has been on the air since 2003, shows no signs of slowing down. Since Sean plays such a pivotal role in the show, fans are naturally interested in learning more about his private life. When did he tie the knot?

Where did Sean Murray meet his wife? Get to know Carrie James.

Where did Sean Murray meet his wife? Get to know Carrie James.

The happy couple’s namesake, Carrie James, is Sean’s wife. They’ve been married since 2005 and have been inseparable ever since. Briefly claims that she is a Los Angeles native and former educator turned successful entrepreneur.

The fact that Sean is a well-known actor on a popular show doesn’t diminish the fact that she’s accomplished much on her own. Her accomplishments are accomplished in a more understated manner.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from San Francisco State and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Antioch University, Los Angeles.

She has established herself as a successful businesswoman and social crusader. Her nearly 1,500 Instagram followers will attest to the fact that she loves nothing more than to relax with a group of pals, hang out with the kids, and give her husband a hug.

She established a group called Business Relationship Alliance to encourage and support other women in building and growing their own businesses. Prestige Academy of Innovation and Technology, which caters to students with special needs, was founded by her.

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Unlike her husband, Sean Murray’s wife is successful in the corporate world.

Married since 2005, Sean Murray and Carrie James are parents to a daughter, Caitlyn, and a son, River. According to People, before the birth of their kid, James was a teacher but left the profession to pursue business instead.

After witnessing the challenges faced by many female entrepreneurs in the areas of networking and business growth, she formed BRA (Business Relationship Alliance) in 2015.

The website copy describes BRA as “a network of powerful women dedicated to growing female-owned businesses by providing the community, collaboration, mentorship, empowerment, and support needed to prosper as an entrepreneur.”

James has been busy expanding BRA since 2015, but she is no stranger to starting businesses from scratch; in 2011, she established the Prestique Academy of Innovation and Technology for students with special needs.

According to Voyage LA, she made history by opening a business, as she was the first in her family to do so. She entered the business world with the intention of paving the way for other women to achieve their goals.

“When it comes to making new friends, I always seem to know just the right people. With ease and enthusiasm, I am able to put them in touch with the resources they need after hearing about their difficulties “the LA-based Voyage magazine, she revealed.

“It makes me happy to see ladies helping other women get forward in life.” James is a strong advocate for women, and she has found a male ally in Murray, who is fond of bragging about James on Instagram.

And Sean Murray agrees, calling Carrie James “Amazing.”

Despite his busy schedule as a TV crime fighter, Sean Murray always finds time to thank his wife of 16 years on social media. With the comment, “Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife and all the moms out there!”

Murray paid tribute to James on Instagram in May 2020 for Mother’s Day. The photo showed the two of them sightseeing in an unknown place.

Murray is thankful for James’ advice on their house improvements throughout the years, and it’s not just because he loves her openly. Murray spent 10 years renovating his home with James and considers it a lifetime home; he gave People an exclusive tour of the house in March 2021.

“There is definitely something about putting roots down, because I didn’t have that as a kid, in a lot of ways. We moved every two, three years,” Murray said, referencing nomadic life as a child.

“Therefore, there is a section of me that is like, “You’ve got your spot, your space, your house with your family. Put your stamp on it.”

There is no doubt that the pair has figured out the formula for a happy and prosperous marriage given the success they are experiencing in both their personal and professional life.

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In addition to being the wife of the ‘NCIS star, what else did Carrie James Murray do before joining BRA?

In addition to being the wife of the 'NCIS star, what else did Carrie James Murray do before joining BRA?

Although Carrie James Murray’s life has revolved around BRA since 2015, she has experience as a founder thanks to her work with another organization, the Prestique Academy of Innovation and Technology, a Los Angeles-based alternative school that opened in 2013.

According to her Linkedin profile, Carrie James earned her BSW from San Francisco State University between 1995 and 1999. She then went on to earn her MAEL from Antioch University, Los Angeles.

While Sean Murray is off saving the world from criminals on TV, his wife is busy making connections for women in business and making opportunities for women where none exist.

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