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Briana De Jesus Says that Ashley Jones Is Pregnant

A lot of people first saw reality star Brianna DeJesus on the show 16 And Pregnant. She became quite well-known thanks to the show. Several of the show’s offshoots featured her in leading roles. When Brianna first appeared on screen as a teen star on Teen Mon, she was quite young.

Fans have seen significant shifts in her status and outlook since then. She has two lovely girls, a blessing from God. Her audience has been able to watch her girls develop throughout the years. The famous TV personality recently broke the news that she was expecting a child. Read on to find out more.

Can We Assume That Briana DeJesus Is Pregnant?

Can We Assume That Briana DeJesus Is Pregnant?

When Brianna DeJesus was first presented to viewers in the MTV reality series 16 And Pregnant, she quickly became a household name. She gave birth as a teenager and went public with her experience to help other teens who could find themselves in a similar situation.

As time went on, Brianna gained more and more adoring fans. Her audience adores seeing her young children on television. Recent rejection from Nova to appear on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter was a bummer for the mom. She really needs some personal space. After a short pause, though, Brianna was back on television.

As of Season 2, DeJesus may be seen on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. According to TheSun, the TV celebrity announced some exciting pregnancy news in the show’s preview. She wants to have more children. In a video, DeJesus stated her want to have additional children, specifically expressing a preference for a son.

The MTV actress already has two gorgeous kids, but she desperately wants a son. The news startled her followers, who wasted no time jumping into the comments to speculate about the impending arrival. When they found out she was pregnant, they wondered whether she was expecting twins.

Further, some viewers speculated that she was flirting with the idea of finding a new lover. Additionally, there were recommendations that she has many babies. One of Briana’s followers on Twitter suggested she do some self-improvement.

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Missing Father Figure

On a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, Briana cried because Stella’s father, Luis, was absent and not taking care of the child. After a meeting with her 31-year-old daughter, the TV actress vented her frustrations to her mother, Roxanne.

The exhausted mother of two recalled their chat, in which her ex gave “excuses” for his absence. Briana, with tears in her eyes, broke her silence on their daughter’s heart problem when Roxanne inquired whether Luis had requested updates on her health “The silence continued after his silence.

He was unable to speak a single word.” The youngest kid of Briana’s has suffered from a variety of health problems stemming from her birth with three holes in her heart.

After a harrowing trip to the hospital, fans found that the baby needed to wear a cardiac monitor. The young mother admitted that not much had changed since their previous meeting, but that she still found herself irritated by her ex’s actions.

Like every previous talk they’ve had, “He said he’s sorry, he’s going to do better,” Briana recounted. Roxanne continued by saying, “But that’s not her father,” after mentioning Stella’s “excellent” connection with Devoin Austin, the father of Briana’s elder daughter Nova.

As Briana wiped tears from her eyes, she said, “I’ve observed that Stella is getting older, and she doesn’t comprehend it quite fully yet, but it’s starting to connect.” Devon’s close relationship with their preteen daughter moved Roxanne to tears as well.

She began to cry as she explained, “When Devoin says ‘Bye Nova, I love you,’ or he says ‘Novi, I love you,’ you could see Stella -” It’s not fair that Nova gets everything and Stella gets nothing, as Roxanne put it.

After Briana left the room, the audio followed her into the bathroom where she broke down in tears.

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