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Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy broke up after dating for less than a year

Just then a year after they first started dating, Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler made the announcement in July 2022 that they were no longer a couple. This is another shocking separation from the year 2022. Those who followed the couple on social media were devastated by the news since the posts often portrayed the pair as content and much in love.

Chelsea believes that meeting and falling in love with Jo was the turning point in her life. She addressed the split in an Instagram post, telling her followers that “being loved and treasured by Jo Koy has been one of the greatest joys” in her life.

The pair emphasized that their split was not the end of anything, but rather the start of something new. She insisted that Jo’s soul mate exists somewhere, but is the comic ready to mingle again?

Has Jo Koy found love yet?

Has Jo Koy found love yet?

After his breakup with Chelsea Handler, Jo Koy is still looking for love. Since announcing the breakup, the comedian’s professional life has been quite busy.

The first screening of his film, Easter Sunday, took place in July 2022, and in September of that year, his most recent stand-up special, Jo Koy: Life from the Forum, became available on Netflix.

Jo’s dating status has been a frequent topic of conversation on the press tour that followed the release of both films. His statements on the split have been brief.

He had nothing but glowing words about Chelsea and their time together, and he appears hopeful about the prospect of finding another love like theirs in the future. Jo claimed that even though their romance was finished, the affection between the two actors remained.

It appears he is not in any hurry to locate a new girlfriend. However, around the end of September, he was observed canoodling with an unidentified brunette. They were spotted kissing at a Los Angeles coffee shop and afterward cuddling on a picnic blanket in the park.

We haven’t seen them together again in quite some time. ​​​​​​​

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Unexpected Pairings of Famous People

Unexpected Pairings of Famous People

In another vein, “Who gives an s-t?” Hello, Vodka. The author of Chelsea revealed her identity. Consider our current situation. If I’d experienced those sentiments sooner, I probably would’ve wrecked it.

Even though she couldn’t say how she genuinely felt about the comic writer, Handler acknowledged that working relationships between the two were often contentious.

On the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards in December 2021, the Are You There, Chelsea? the actress said to E! News that her “kind of flirting” was a hand gesture. “I believe that I was so emotionally disconnected from myself that I valued my feelings more than actual money.”

The alum of Girls Behaving Badly said in November 2021 that she believed in love again after meeting the author of Mixed Plate: Chronicles of an All-American Combo.

Stars who went their own ways in 2022 “To everyone still yearning for love: don’t change who you are or shrink to find your person. When advising her Instagram followers to “be patient” and “never settle for anything less than you deserve,” Handler emphasized the importance of not giving up too soon. Sometimes the person you’ve been waiting for has been there in front of you the whole time.

Handler dated TV executive Ted Harbert from 2006 till 2010, when she began dating Koy. After breaking up with her previous partner, she began dating André Balazs in 2011. 50 Cent and Handler were said to be an item in 2010. Joseph Herbert Jr. is Koy and his ex-wife Angie King’s kid.

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