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Is George Krissa Married? He is Reportedly Dating His Gay Partner Bri Waters!

Actor and musician George Krissa studied voice at Canada’s Grant MacEwan University. Their involvement in the newly released film Holiday Sitter on December 11 brought him to widespread public attention.

Before that, Krissa had a hand in two films: 2022’s Trapped With My Husband and 2019’s Conor. Some individuals still don’t know anything about him or his background. Let’s go more into the actor and his lady, Bri Waters.

George Krissa is openly gay and committed to his long-term partner, Bri Waters.

George Krissa is openly gay and committed to his long-term partner, Bri Waters.

The concept for The Holiday Sitter was created in 2019 by Jonathan Bennett. As the film’s executive producer, he oversaw every element, including the selection of key actors. Bennett prioritized the homosexuality of the actor playing Jason.

Bennett told NBC News, “It was vital to me that we were able to tell the narrative loud and proud,” stressing the significance of the actor’s outness as a gay man. George Krissa, who has been out as gay for years, and is also a talented actor, was the clear choice for the part.

Bennett praised Krissa’s performance at Media Village, saying it was “amazing.” You won’t find better chemistry on Hallmark than what we have. When filming began each day, it was the first day of a new first: the first queer meet-cute, the first queer falling in love moment, the first queer huge kiss.

It was never lost on us what we were about to do, nor that so many others would witness it and feel seen. The Holiday Sitter is a film that Krissa wishes had been available to him when he was younger because he believes it would have accelerated his process of coming to terms with his sexuality.

Actually, George’s long-term girlfriend is named Bri Waters. After more than five years together, George and Bri may soon tie the knot. On the 26th of October 2022, Waters and Krissa posed for a photo, which he captioned:

“This week has been absolutely insane. I’m going to get married to this rockstar someday.

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Is George Krissa a married man?

Is George Krissa a married man?

For those wondering if George Krissa is married, the answer is provided below. To the best of our knowledge, he has never even been engaged, let alone married. George Krissa identifies as gay.

His sexual orientation is openly acknowledged by him. They began dating in 2017, and he has been with his gay lover Bri Waters ever since. None of this talk of marriage, however, was mentioned.

They may not have the best looks in the world, but they sure have each other. Photos of the couple may also be seen in plenty on various social media platforms.

In the words of George Krissa Age

George Krissa’s exact date and year of birth are unknown. The website Mr dustbin claims, however, that by the year 2022 he will be 38 years old. It has been said that he was born and still resides in Lashburn, Saskatchewan, Canada.

George Krissa Family

Canadian-born George Krissa hails from the little town of Lashburn, Saskatchewan. Only a smattering of data about him can be found online. His family history was a well-guarded secret. The identities of his parents and siblings remain unknown.

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