Hoda Kotb Breaks From "Today" To Enjoy Spring Break With Daughters Just After Hope's Health Scare!

Hoda Kotb Breaks From “Today” To Enjoy Spring Break With Daughters Just After Hope’s Health Scare!

Jenna Bush Hager also missed the show this week because her kids were on spring break. Hoda Kotb is taking a break from work to spend time with her daughters. This week, the Today co-host, who is 58 years old, is not on the show because her daughters, Haley Joy, 6, and Hope Catherine, 3, are on spring break.

This week, Jenna Bush Hager is also taking a break because her kids are on spring break. Hager and her husband, Henry Hager, have three children together: Margaret “Mila” Laura, 9, Poppy Louise, 7, and Henry “Hal” Harold, 3. This week, Hoda & Jenna episodes that had already been taped have been shown.

Hoda Kotb is spending time with her daughters after the Emmy-winning reporter talked about Hope’s health scare. The TV personality and author had missed a few days of Today. When she came back on March 6, she told the audience that Hope had health problems that put her in the ICU and the hospital.

Hoda Kotb Breaks From "Today" To Enjoy Spring Break With Daughters Just After Hope's Health Scare!

“On Mondays, I feel like life is one way, and we all have Mondays that we complain about. We say, “Oh, what a bad Monday!” And then something really bad happens on Tuesday, and we realize that Monday was actually pretty great “Kotb said this about the event. So, little Hope had to go to the hospital.

She was in the ICU for a few days and then in the hospital for another week, and it was very scary. “And she is bright and lively.” Kotb went on to say that she’s “over the moon” to have her baby home and that she’s grateful for “how wonderful people are.” “That’s what I’ve learned from everything.

The nurses were always there for her. The nurses who constantly checked on her, the doctors who came in, and everyone else who helped us. I felt like we were held, “she went on to say some more. Last week, Kotb talked about how her family has been affected by Hope’s health problems.

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Hoda Kotb Breaks From "Today" To Enjoy Spring Break With Daughters Just After Hope's Health Scare!

On Thursday’s episode of “Today,” the daytime host talked with Jenna Bush Hager about how to comfort Haley while everyone was talking about Hope’s recovery. Kotb said, “We fall short.” “I thought the same thing. You know, Hope hasn’t been feeling so good, and everyone is focusing on her, which makes Haley wonder.

Like, ‘I’m here, see me. I also need something. Help me. Do what you are doing for Hope.'” “It’s strange, but I think that’s where I got most of my strength in life. You didn’t think you’d be seen and heard all the time, “said Kotb.

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