Dick Fosbury Cause of Death Revealed: How Did American High Jumper Legend Die?

On March 12, 2023, Richard Douglas Fosbury, an American high jumper who invented the “back-first” technique known as the Fosbury Flop and revolutionized the high jump competition, went away. At the 1968 Olympics, he took home a gold medal, and the sport quickly embraced his style.

Fosbury continued to be active in sports after he stopped competing and had a position on the World Olympians Association’s executive board. He unsuccessfully sought election to the Idaho House of Representatives in 2014. In 2018, he was elected to the position of Blaine County Commissioner, and he began serving in that capacity in January 2019.

Fosbury said, “I recognized I needed to shift my body position, and that’s what triggered the revolution, and over the course of the next two years, the evolution,” when asked about his epiphany. He first tried using the upright scissors technique, in which the jumper approaches the bar directly from the front, looking forward, and raises each leg over the bar separately throughout the jump.

Dick Fosbury Cause of Death and Obituary

Many people are interested in learning about Dick Fosbury’s cause of death and obituary. The adored sportsman enjoyed enormous support from his followers. At the age of 76, Fosbury passed away on March 12, 2023, a Sunday. Some accounts claim that Dick’s lymphoma relapse was the cause of his death. In March 2008, Fosbury received his initial lymphoma diagnosis.

Dick underwent surgery to have the tumor encasing his lower spine removed at the time the lymphoma was in stage one. Regrettably, the tumor could not be entirely removed because of how close it was to the spine and nearby blood veins. Fosbury was forced to choose chemotherapy as a result in order to reduce the tumor.

In 2009, the well-known high jumper revealed that his cancer had been cured. In a March 2014 interview with the Corvallis Gazette-Times, Fosbury gushed about being finally cancer-free and in excellent health. Regrettably, Fosbury’s frail body was no longer able to battle cancer when it returned. The high jumper’s boyfriend, son Erich, and two stepdaughters, Stephanie and Kristin, have all survived.

Dick Fosbury, a lanky jumper, revolutionized the high jump’s technical requirements and won an Olympic gold medal with his “Fosbury Flip.” In order to propel his 6-foot-4 physique over the bar in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, Fosbury launched himself at an angle, leaped backward, bent himself into a “J,” and then fell headfirst into the landing pit.

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Dick Fosbury Cause of Death

Fosbury broke the Olympic record and broke convention by clearing 2.24 meters (7 feet, 4 1/4 inches) in front of a global audience to win the gold medal. “The global legend is perhaps overused. A TRUE LEGEND, Dick Fosbury! He used a tactic that seemed ridiculous at the time, but the outcome made it the norm, forever changing a whole event,” tweeted Michael Johnson.

How Did Dick Fosbury Die?

Fosbury died peacefully after a brief battle with lymphoma recurrence, according to Schulte Sports Marketing and Public Relations, who served as his agent. Fosbury was initially given a cancer diagnosis in 2008.

In Medford, Oregon, Fosbury perfected his “flip” high jump method as a sophomore in high school. He had refined it by the time he graduated. He claimed that he had altered the conventional “scissors” approach.

which a jumper would hurdle over the bar and kick their legs out in front of them, in an interview for the NBC Sports documentary “1968” about the Mexico City Olympics. I updated and modified that style to increase its efficacy. He asserted that he first used it in April 1963, just after becoming 16 years old.

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Journey of Dick Fosbury

“Up until that point, my trainer had been trying to teach me how to straddle. The way I performed was terrible. I was the worst high jumper in the district, according to Fosbury. I only moved forward a half-foot that day by switching from a back arrangement to a sitting over the bar. Fosbury estimated in the middle of the 1960s that 95% of high jumpers used the western roll or straddle style.

which involved throwing an arm and a leg over the bar and landing on one’s belly. Ed Caruthers, a 1968 Olympic silver medallist, described the experience in 2017: “When we first saw him, we were going, ‘Oh man, what a nutcase here with this guy. In the past, I’ve seen a few unusual leaping techniques, but none of them were successful.

Dick Fosbury Cause of Death

The phrase “Fosbury Flop” was developed by the Medford Mail Tribune newspaper, which carried the caption, “Fosbury flops over the bar,” according to “The Wizard of Foz,” a 2018 book that Fosbury co-wrote. Fosbury asserts that he was the sole performer of the flop at the 1968 Olympics.

He broke the Olympic record with it when he cleared 2.24 meters for the gold. “I had the best day of my life that day,” said Fosbury, “the audience was completely hushed and focused on my attempts each time I jumped when we were competing for a medal.

The public supported the flop. Coaches found it annoying. Particularly those who had embraced the straddle and made a point of instructing and coaching their athletes on how to use it. They didn’t like it when a man entered and thrashed them with a particular object as a result.

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Dick Fosbury Cause of Death

Since then, the procedure has been the standard for the event. According to Fosbury, “I brought attention to a different method of clearing the bar. Oregon State, the school mater of Fosbury, dedicated a statue of him doing his flip in 2018.

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