Thomas Taylor Cause of Death

Thomas Taylor Cause of Death: Uncovering The Tragic Demise of A Skateboarding Legend!

Skateboarding legend, entrepreneur, and doting dad Thomas F. Taylor, who lived in Atlanta’s Inman Park and Little Five Points, passed away on February 22, 2023. Grant M. Taylor (Lilly Morgan Taylor), McKenzie E. Taylor, and Sarah C. Taylor; grandchildren Colette and Jesse Taylor; mother Virginia Smith Taylor; sister Anne Taylor Hendry (Steve Hendry); niece Isabella V.

Hendry (Tim Burke); uncle Allen C. Smith (Becky Rhodes Smith); cousins; and many friends and supporters. Thomas was 56 years old. His dad, Thomas Edwin Taylor, died before him. Thomas’s birth date is August 24th, 1966, and he was born in Atlanta. Before relocating to Little Five Points, at the age of 18, he opened and ran Stratosphere in Morningside, the city’s first skater-owned skateboard store.

Ever since he picked up a skateboard at the age of eight, Thomas has been a major force in the development of Atlanta’s skate culture. Thomas’ makeshift skate ramp was used by the International Olympic Committee in 1996 as they prepared for the Atlanta Games to run its closing ceremony skate performance.

Thomas Taylor’s Cause of Death

Thomas Taylor's Cause of Death

Thomas Taylor, better known by his nickname, “Tommy Taylor,” was a professional skateboarder who was much admired by his peers. As a result of his untimely death on February 22, 2023, he left behind a plethora of heartbroken followers and loved ones., a website dedicated to medical news and publications, is only one of many sites that claim Thomas Taylor took his own life. Mental health issues should be considered as a potential factor. However, the factors that led him to take his own life are unclear.

News accounts indicate that Thomas Taylor took his own life on February 22nd, 2023. The news of his unexpected death shocked and saddened the skateboarding world. It is believed that he had mental health issues, but no one knows for sure what led to his suicide.

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How Did Thomas Taylor Die?

Thomas Taylor's Cause of Death

Thomas F. Taylor, an Atlanta resident who was renowned as a skateboarding legend, entrepreneur, and doting father, passed away on February 22, 2023. It had been 56 years since he was born. Noah Shannon, a writer, expressed his sympathies and shared some memories with Thomas Taylor. To Quote What He Penned:

“Sad to learn about the death of Thomas Taylor. When I wrote about GT, one of my favorite parts was talking to Thomas about the southern skate scene he helped grow, & it’s always stayed with me how much of that lineage is still visible in GT’s skating. Rest in peace.”

Thomas Taylor's Cause of Death

Those left behind include Thomas’s mother, Virginia Smith Taylor; his siblings Anne Taylor Hendry and Steve Hendry; his niece and nephew, Isabella V. Hendry and Tim Burke; his aunt and uncle, Allen C. Smith and Becky Rhodes Smith; his cousins.

a vast group of friends and admirers. Grant M. Taylor (Lilly Morgan Taylor), McKenzie E. Taylor, and Sarah C. Taylor, as well as grandkids Colette and Jesse Taylor, survive him. Unfortunately, Thomas Edwin Taylor Sr. did not survive him.

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Thomas Taylor Obituary

Thomas Taylor's Cause of Death

A number of websites, including and, carried the obituary for Thomas Taylor. A brilliant and dedicated skateboarder who left an indelible mark on the sport, he was portrayed as a charismatic figure in the article. His adoration of music and his talent as a guitarist and singer was also highlighted in the obituary.

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