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What exactly is Google Gravity? And How does it work?

There are a lot of things Google can do just to make its users happy. Many of us don’t know about these things, though. Mr.Doob has added some fun, original Google interfaces that visitors can play with. Mr. Doob has made a lot of programs like this for the web, and Google sphere is one of them.

Can you think of it? When Endgame came out, Google made a Thanos button that, when clicked, would delete half of Google’s content for a while. Even that was just the way Google was.

But now we’re back to asking how to do the gravity Google trick on your phone. To do this trick on your phone, just follow the easy and short steps.

Step 1

Open your phone’s web browser, which could be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or any other one you like.

Step 2

Once the browser is open, type into the URL box at the top of the browser. Remember that there’s no easy way to do this, so you’ll have to go to Google’s home page.

Step 3

Type “google gravity” into the search box on your smart device’s Google homepage. Don’t rush to click the search button.

Step 4

Instead of clicking the search button, click the “I’m feeling lucky” button. As soon as you do that, the gravity Google trick will be active.

Step 5

Spend your time messing around with the fun parts and going straight to the other option from that screen.

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What is the Google gravity trick, and will it hurt your device?

Google can do many tricks, and the gravity trick is just one of them. This is a web application that lets you change Google’s home page. With this app, you can see things like the search bar, other options, buttons, languages, and so on fall off the screen. In short, everything you see on Google will look like it’s falling down because of gravity.

These programs were made so that people who go to Google can have some fun. Google lets people do a lot of intellectual things, like find important information on the internet, scholarly texts, locations, etc. So, it makes sense for a young company like Google to let its users have fun and interact with it. While you try to figure out what is going on or if the interface is broken, these apps keep you busy.

No, none of these web apps will hurt your phone in any way. Since Google likes them, it’s safe to use them. Many kids find out about these things for the first time. Then, they play a joke on their parents or siblings with it.

google gravity

What are some of the other programs Google has on the web?

Google’s home page has a lot of web programs for you to use. You can use these programs whenever you want because they are safe.

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1. Google Anti Gravity

The Google anti-gravity trick will make everything on your screen seem to float. This is a great way for people to see how the arcade style makes things fun. For this program to work, you have to do the same things you did for the Google gravity trick. You only need to change one thing about what you type into the search bar. Write “Google anti-gravity” where it says “Google gravity.”

2. Google Zero Gravity

In zero-gravity mode, the Google elements will look like they are backward. As if everything had been turned upside down. The same steps must be taken to turn on this program as well. Also, you need to make sure you type “google zero gravity” before you click. I’m feeling lucky.

3. Google Underwater

Underwater is an interface that takes you, as the name suggests, under the sea. You can add more fish to your screen from this page. Also, the search bar is floating on the water, and “Google” is written backward. The same steps are used to turn on this program; just type “google underwater” before turning it on.

4. Sphere Google

With this interface, you’ll be able to see the Google elements in a sphere-like way. Like the other programs, this one has the same steps, and the search word is “google sphere.”

5. Google does a barrel roll.

Google will do a full barrel roll, which is a 360° turn from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. In the same way, here you just type “Google do a barrel roll” and watch.


Isn’t it fun to watch Google do tricks? This is one of the good things about social media: it can get people interested in simple things.

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