Tyler, the Creator’s Latest ‘all Star Series’ Interview Gave Us 5 Things to Consider.

5 Things We Learned From Tyler, the Creator's Latest 'All Star Series' Interview

At Converse’s All-Star series event earlier this month, Tyler the Creator gave an hour-long interview discussing everything from his passion for Los Angeles to Virgil Abloh’s farewell Louis Vuitton presentation earlier this year.

L.A. Will Always Be His Home.

5 Things We Learned From Tyler, the Creator's Latest 'All Star Series' Interview

Towards the 6:08 Mark, Tyler Said “nope” when asked if He Would Consider Moving to Paris. the Multi-Hyphenate Claimed He’s “so Los Angeles-Based Where I Can Wear Shorts every day,” Even Though He’s Considered Moving to Paris.

He Likes Los Angeles Because of The Vast Streets, Low Buildings, And, Most Importantly, the Warm Weather.

Virgil Abloh’s Final Louis Vuitton Show Was the Only Thing on His Mind, so He Put Everything Else on Hold.

The Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall-Winter 2022 Show, Which Included the Late Virgil Abloh, Was Shot by Tyler in Paris Back in January. at Roughly the 15:00 Mark, He Said that Virgil Had Constantly Tried to Get Him Engaged, but He Always Said He Was Too Busy to Participate.

To Make Matters More Complicated, He Recalled that When [the Show’s Creative Director] Benji B Asked Him if He Could Do It Again, He Was Working on Something Else and Replied.

I Honestly Want To,” Tyler Said. that Was Then the Realisation Dawned on Me: “Wait a Minute, What Am I Talking About?”

There Is No Need to Worry About This.’ That’s when The Words “let Me Knock This Sh*t and Give It the Complete Attention It Requires” Came to Mind. It Was a Life-Changing Experience.

After Virgil Had “looked out For Me in Ways that People Couldn’t Even Understand,” Tyler Said It Felt Nice to Contribute to Virgil’s Final Show.

Tyler Cautions People Not to Get Enamoured with A Particular Concept.

A Running Shoe Design Tyler Had Discussed with Converse Was Not Something He Wanted to Pursue. Everything Came to A Halt at That Point, and They Began Working on Something New.

Anyone Who Is Making Something and Is Starting to Do It but No Longer Has the Desire to Do so Should Just Stop. I Think It’s a Great Idea.” It’s Fine if You Say, “I Don’t Want to Do This Anymore.”

“you’re Not Married to It in The Literal Sense,” He Continued. “just Go Do Something Else.” Also, “since It’s There, Put It to The Side,” You Aren’t Need to Be Married to Ideas.

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Tyler Responds to Criticism of The “Wilshire” Concoction.

He Describes His Approach to Music as “understanding What the End Aim Is and Knowing when I’m Done,” Right Before the 46-Minute Mark when Talking About Perfectionism. He Then Went on To Discuss the “Wilshire” Remix from Call Me if You Get Lost.

Because of The Way Tunes and Spotify Mix Their Music, “they Expect Every Single Thing to Sound Like That,” He Said. “and They Don’t Take Into Mind What Texture Is.”

It’s Understandable that Tyler Felt Depressed when He Started Working on “Wilshire,” Given the Song’s Content. His Emotional State Made Him Decide to Record His Verses Using a Portable Microphone Rather than A Studio Booth.

As Tyler Described It, “I Won’t Ever Feel Like This Again, and I Put All that Feeling There… I Decided to Retain It.”

“I’d Like to Be Able to Relive that Moment in Time.”

5 Things We Learned From Tyler, the Creator's Latest 'All Star Series' Interview

Kendrick Lamar’s New Album, ‘Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers,’ Has Tyler Raving About It. Towards the End of The Song, Tyler Exhorts the Listeners, Particularly Those in The Younger Demographic, to “stop the Bullshit and Start Being Open and Honest.

” Before Expressing Respect for Kendrick Lamar’s Recent Album, Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers takes exactly that approach. When he spoke, “He touches on things that are so open and honest that some people can’t listen to it because he’s looking at them in their eyes,” he added.

As a result, they’re thinking about what they’re trying to hide.” “I can see right through it,” I say.


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