New Weird and Wonderful Animation Shows' to Check Out

A New Batch of Odd and Wonderful Animation Shows to Enjoy!

It’s one of the most expressive and dynamic art forms ever to exist, adapting to a wide range of genres, from comedy to drama to family-friendly.

To begin with, the sheer number of new animated series to choose from might be overwhelming, and it’s easy to get discouraged when there are so many great shows to choose from.

We’ve compiled this list to make it easier to decide what to watch, especially if you like the bizarre and wonderful things that animation has to offer. Six new series to watch if you haven’t already, each having its own unique and wacky appeal.

This movie is known as “Tuca and Bertie”

New Weird and Wonderful Animation Shows' to Check Out

It’s a bizarre buddy-comedy that chronicles the exploits of two bird BFFS as they try and negotiate the strange world of being a woman in her 30s.

It was created by Bojack Horseman’s lead designer and fan of anthropomorphic animal hybrids. Toucan Tuca and song thrush Bertie, voiced by Tiffany Hadish and Ali Wong, respectively, are the show’s main anchors.

On the subject of mental health, see “Tuca and Bertie” First appearing on Netflix, but later finding a home on Adult Swim, the series features vibrant colors and depicts the challenges and confusion of living in the modern world as a 30-something, such as adopting a wild jaguar to live in your apartment to save money or accidentally cooking the ashes of your boyfriend’s grandmother into a cake.

Mental illness and trauma are depicted with great skill and sensitivity, but the humor is never far away, which is a rare combination in this genre. Tuca and Bertie is a must-see for everyone who is still depressed about the end of the Bojack series; you’ll fall in love with Hanawalt’s unique world and characters in no time.

‘Smiley Friends,’

Zach Hadel and Michael Cusack’s Smiling Friends is another show from the strange world of Adult Swim. It’s a workplace comedy about Charlie and Pim (voiced by Hadel and Cusack) who go on a series of bizarre and unbelievable adventures in order to make their customers happy.

A spoof of the Björk bomb scare is one example of the show’s willingness to explore dark humor. The show also has a wide variety of bizarre characters, all with voices provided by people you wouldn’t expect to hear, adding to the show’s mysticism.

To learn more about how ‘Smiling Friends’ makes monotony funny, read this. In Smiling Friends, there is an abundance of expressive and brilliant animation, bright colors, and unique character designs that combine the truly weird.

The extreme dullness of modern life creates a unique animated identity that is more than a joy to see. Smiling Friends will make you laugh out loud if you enjoy the bizarre and odd.

The movie “Inside Job”

Inside Job, Netflix’s animated office comedy takes set in a shadowy business that controls and preserves all the weirdest conspiracy theories that you’ve ever heard of, only they’re even crazier than you’d first think.

An army of John F. Kennedy clones and a reptilian shapeshifter cause havoc throughout the building, and Shion Takeuchi, who worked on Gravity Falls, created the show, which features some of the most well-known conspiracies like Mothman (who works in HR) and sentient mushroom creatures that live in the subterranean “hollow Earth.”

The show makes fun of the recent surge in interest in conspiracy theories by making sharp and funny jokes about it. The comedy makes conspiracy theories look as stupid and outlandish as they really are. That conspiracy-obsessed culture we live in is captured in Inside Job, and the audience may laugh at it once more.

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In Centaurworld, a musical-comedy Netflix series starring Kimiko Glenn as a war horse who is magically transported to a colorful and magical land full of animal-hybrid centaurs, one of Netflix’s most bizarre additions to their animation repertoire.

The series follows a war horse (who is literally called Horse) who is used to the world of death and battles. As Horse sets off to find her home and her rider (also known as Rider), four other centaurs, Wammawink, Durpleton, Zulius, Ched, and Glendale, accompany her on her adventure.

Megan Nicole Dong, the show’s creator, discusses how she incorporated lore and mythology into her animated children’s show, “Centaurworld.”

The series steadily reveals the tragic truth of the battle in Horse’s world and its relationship with the tranquil Centaurworld, all through the medium of show tunes and glittering musical montages.

Aside from the stunning animation, you’ll like watching Centaurworld for all of its unique characters and music. It’s an excellent addition to your growing collection of animated series.

‘Love, Death, and Robots’ is an anthology of stories on love, death, and technology
“Love, Death & Robots” is a Tim Miller-created experimental anthology series featuring the talents of a wide spectrum of various artists, each of whom creates a stand-alone episode that explores a distinct genre.

After releasing its third collection of short films, the series has continued to produce visually stunning, surreal, and breath-taking tales that use everything from traditional hand-drawn animation to computer-generated imagery (CGI), with episodes focusing on love, and death, or (you guessed it) robots.

The show’s genre-bending and flowing storytelling ensure that everyone will be satisfied because each episode has something completely unique to offer. If you haven’t seen Netflix’s anthology series yet, you’re missing out on a world of animated wonder.

The Gospel of ‘the Midnight,’

In The Midnight Gospel, a psychedelic series created by the man behind the beloved Adventure Time, Pendelton Ward, the show’s main character explores different galaxies and interviews strange individuals for his podcast as he discusses complicated and complex issues like the acceptance of death, the struggle of forgiving someone, self-awareness, and the modern funeral and death industry.

With a rainbow of colors and stunning animation, this show explores modern society and the human condition in a way that no other show has been able to. You’ll have a great time if you’re not sober, but it’s a good idea to avoid that if you want the most out of the event.

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