Tough as Nails Season 4

Tough as Nails Season 3 Cast, Release Date Status and More Updates!

They believe their calluses on their hands and feet to be more like warrior scars on ‘Tough as Nails,’ a reality series that highlights regular Americans who work out every day in the course of their jobs.

They raised the stakes, putting everything on the line, and competed in a series of tasks to earn the $200,000 cash prize for the season’s final four participants, Scott, Sarah, Zeus, and Swifty.

It features a variety of job-site challenges hosted by Phil Keoghan, as well as a host of other candidates. A participant is eliminated in each successive episode as a result of these challenges. On July 8, 2020, CBS will launch the series.

Tough as Nails Season 4 Release Date

Tough as Nails Season 4

Season 3 of Tough as Nails will premiere on CBS on October 6th, 2021, and continue until December 8th, 2021. There are ten episodes in the third season, and each one lasts about 44 minutes.

Please allow me to share some exciting news on the release of the movie’s fourth chapter! The third and fourth seasons of ‘Tough as Nails’ were renewed by CBS on April 14, 2021, for a total of two seasons. Before the season two finale, the show was renewed. The renewal comes as no surprise, given the show’s strong ratings on the network.

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Tough as Nails Season 4 Cast

Tough as Nails Season 4

From farms to construction to fishing boats, the cast members are put through their paces in a wide range of real-life workplaces. The twelve finalists from the most recent round of Tough As Nails season 3 auditions have been profiled and photographed.

  • Christine Connors (Ironworker)  Christine, 29, is from Johnstown, Pennsylvania. She is a combination of drive, humor, and dedication. Her day job entails working with iron. She is responsible for erecting, connecting, rigging, and welding steel buildings.
  • Kalimba Edwards (Fire captain)  The Minneapolis, Minnesota, native is 43 years old. She is a person who is driven, enthusiastic, and honest. Every day, the captain of the fire department puts in long hours to respond to emergencies and save lives. She’s used to working under pressure as a firefighter, especially in a big city.
  • Sarah Ham (Cement Mason)   Queens, New York is where the 30-year-old cement mason lives. Determined, determined, and adventurous are just a few of the adjectives that best describe her.
  •  Lamar Edwin Hanger (Carpenter)  Carpenter Lamar, 54, is from the Golden State. She might be defined as a self-starter who is eager to learn. The union labor he does also includes metal studs and freeform lath, in addition to wood framing.
  • Jerome Kupuka’a (Heavy equipment operator)  Originally from the state of Hawaii, Jerome is a 48-year-old heavy-equipment operator. At the age of seventeen, he made his professional construction debut. For the past year, Jerome has been working on a new subdivision project. Everything from sewer connections to water lines and grading the lots to the footing foundation is part of his job.
  •  Lia Mort (Jill-of-all-trades) In a word, the 54-year-old Richfield native can be defined as dynamic, resourceful, and optimistic. She works in a variety of fields, including farm tours, small engine repairs, and odd tasks. Before becoming a fireman, she worked in the foodservice industry as well as a variety of other odd jobs, including a horse farm laborer and machine maintenance/repair.
  • Kelsy Reynolds (Cropduster)  Cropduster for a living is what the 30-year-old native Illinoisan does. She’s fun, upbeat, and full of life. She sprays crops in the summer, harvests in the fall, and pushes snow in the winter months. She works from dawn to dusk during the spray season.
  • Elizabeth Rillera (Contractor)  The Olympia, Washington, resident, who is 37 years old, is described as patient, resilient, and resourceful by those who know her. Drawings on paper are transformed into real-world objects in her art.
  • Alfredo ‘Alfie’ P. Rivera (Construction supervisor)  Alfredo, 55, is a Lilburn, Georgia, construction supervisor. One of the hardest-working men I’ve ever met. His interpretation of plans is followed by construction workers, who build buildings according to Rivera’s specifications.
  • Mike Shaffer (Lineman)  Brewerton, New York is the hometown of the lineman, who is 32 years old. The best way to characterize him is that he is tenacious, optimistic, and humble. Every day, he checks the lights to make sure they are working properly.
  •  Takeru ‘Tak’ Tanabe (Construction mason)  Takeru is a Kona, Hawaii, mason by trade. Hardworking, quick, and strategic are just some of the adjectives that describe a 35-year-old. He gets up early in the morning on a regular workday and considers the tasks that need to be completed in order to keep up with the other trades.
  •  De Quincey ‘Quincey’ Walker (Diesel mechanic)   Dequincey, a diesel technician from Florence, is 34 years old. This man is humble, diligent, and caring. A typical day for him includes working on locomotives, forklifts, overhead cranes, and other mobile machinery.

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Tough as Nails Season 4 Trailer

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