The Politician Season 3 Expected Release Date, Cast and More Updates!

the politician season 3

Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) won a hard-fought campaign for a New York State Senate seat in the second season of Ryan Murphy’s Netflix original The Politician, a step toward his goal of becoming president. Just as important was a time jump and twist that set up a season three that might have him within spitting distance of becoming the most powerful person in America.

While Netflix hasn’t officially renewed the series, considering that Murphy is behind the production and it has been teed up for a third (and most likely last) season, it seems all but probable (the real question is whether we’ll get Hollywood season 2).

Will Payton’s presidential aspirations damage his marriage to Alice (Julia Schlaepfer) and his mother’s friendship with Georgina (Gwyneth Paltrow) in Season 3? Is Dede Standish (Judith Light) going to return to being a political adversary to him? When can we expect Season 3 to begin?

The Politician Season 3 Cast

the politician season 3

It’s safe to assume that Ben Platt, who played Payton Hobart in the first film, will return for the sequel. It’s safe to assume that Laura Dreyfuss, Theo Germaine, Rahne Jones, and Julia Schlaepfer will all be returning for season 3 as the show’s primary characters: McAfee, Sky, and Alice.

In addition, Bette Midler and Judith Light should reprise their roles as Dede Standish and Hadassah Gold. Given the events of season 2, it is unknown what role the returning cast members Gwyneth Paltrow, Zoey Deutch, and Lucy Boynton will play.

Only in flashbacks and as a product of Payton’s memory did the original River, played by David Corenswet, appear in Season 2. If Payton’s emotional condition is critical to the tale, Corenswet may appear more, less, or not at all.

Season 3 of The Politician has room to introduce new characters that we haven’t seen before, so it’s worth noting.

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The Politician Season 3 Release Date

Season 2 of ‘The Politician’ will be available to stream in its entirety beginning June 19, 2020, exclusively on Netflix in the United States. The series consists of seven separate episodes, each lasting between 28 and 62 minutes.

Fans of Ryan Murphy, in particular, have flocked to the show since its debut, paving the way for two successful seasons of the musical comedy series.

If that’s not enough, the third season of their favorite show may be a long time away. In an interview with Collider, the show’s co-creator Ryan Murphy talked about the show’s future.

“I think I, and I think all of us involved in the project, would like to do three seasons. In order to give Ben Platt a chance to mature before his final race, I plan to take a break when season two is complete,” Murphy remarked.

Those are our goals, and I believe they are still the same.” Ben is still a child, and it will take me some time to understand how to progressively age him. In any case, that has always been my goal.”

The show’s popularity suggests the third season, but Ryan Murphy says the final season won’t be available on Netflix for several years. Season 3 of Netflix’s ‘The Politician’ is currently scheduled for release on June 19, 2023.

The Politician Season 3 Plot

New York State Senator Dede Standish relinquishes her seat to Payton Hobart after he and she both finish in the same place. The Politician then fast-forwards two years and discovers that Payton has made significant contributions to making New York a more environmentally friendly place to live.

He is running unopposed in the forthcoming election, and he informs his staff that he has no ambitions to compete for a higher office because he is satisfied with his current position.

Dede Standish, now president-elect with Georgina Hobart as her vice president, changes that when she makes a proposal to him. Dede plans to run for president in four years, and she wants Payton to be her running mate because Georgina has committed to just serving one term. In spite of his silence, it seems quite improbable that even the suddenly enlightened Payton would abandon his presidential ambitions.

the politician season 3

The third season of The Politician will see Payton’s values put to the test as he runs for president. As a father, he now needs to juggle the demands of his job as a politician with the demands of being a father. Having his sights set on the presidency, Payton may descend into pure power-lust and do everything to gain office.

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The Politician Season 3 Trailer

There are no trailers or teasers for Season 3 of The Politician yet, as the show’s creators have not yet made an official announcement.



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