The Witch Korean Part 3

The Witch Korean Part 3 Release Date Status: Everything You Need to Know!

Part 3 of “The Witch” series. In contrast, The Other One is a Korean film. Horror, thriller, science fiction, mystery, and action all cohabit in one film of the series.

It is a sequel to The Witch: Part 1, the first film in the series. The cinematography of Park Hoon Jung and production of Studio & New. As of this writing, it’s running at about 137 minutes long.

A scenario near the end of the first film, the subversion, was used as the basis for the second film, which followed the events of the first film.

Those who saw the first film were blown away by a big storyline twist that left them reeling, and the second film is expected to be even more powerful.

Here, you’ll learn about the movie, its release date, and the prevailing theories about it from fans.

The Witch Korean Part 3 Cast

The Witch Korean Part 3

The upcoming movie is directed by Park Hoon-Jung, the sequel will introduce the viewers to a handful of star-studded, notably lauded South Korean actors.

Here are the official cast members who will appear in the highly anticipated sequel “The Witch Part 3: The Other One” which includes–

Newcomer Shin Si-ah is set to play the lead role of Cynthia alongside Lee Jong Suk, Kim Dami, and Park Eunbin. Reportedly, Shin Si-ah auditioned for the central role in 2020 and she was chosen among 1,408 opponents.

  • Shin Si-ah will play the role of Cynthia
  • Park Eun-Bin in the role of Kyung-Hee
  • Seo Eun-Su will play the role of Jo-Hyun
  • Jin Goo will portray the character of Yong-Du
  • Sung Yoo-Bin will portray Dae-Gil
  • Lee Jong-Suk will play Jang
  • Jo Min-Soo in the role of Dr. Baek
  • Kim Da-Mi will return as Goo Ja-Yoon, the girl with incredible powers
  • Lee Jong Suk will be seen playing as Jang

Fans will be disappointed to learn that Choi Woo-Shik, who played Nobleman in the first film, will not be returning for the sequel, as his character was killed off.

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The Witch Korean Part 3 Release Date

Part 2 of “The Witch” series. The sequel will be released on June 15, 2022, about four years after the release of the original film, which was released on June 27, 2018, and part 3 of this series released doesn’t announce the expected date of this series.

Thriller fans and Korean film buffs alike are already buzzing about the film. Almost everyone who hears about this show is intrigued by the intriguing premise and the new, well-known cast.

It’s safe to say that the film is providing us with visual fan service. Before Lee Jong Suk, Park Eun Bin, and Jin Goo, they cast Choi Woo Shik, Go Min Si, and Jung Da-Eun.

Kim Da Mi’s Ja Yoon flees her home at the end of the first film in quest of a way to make it in the world.

She uses part of the medicine she obtained after killing everyone in the laboratory on her parents and offers it to her parents as a way to cope with the anguish while she seeks an answer.

Dr. Baek’s twin sister, who is also a researcher, introduces her to the twin. Ja Yoon’s youth or her escape from the laboratory after killing everyone should be the focus of the plot if all goes according to plan.

That’s not all; we were also given an unexpected twist. According to the teaser, the plot revolves around a new test subject, and it takes place during Ja Yoon’s narrative timeline (according to prediction).

Season  Release Date
The Witch season 1 June 27, 2018
The Witch season 2 June 15, 2022
The Witch season 3 July 7, 2023

The Witch Korean Part 3 Plot

The Witch Korean Part 3

MyDramaList has the official synopsis: “A young woman awakens in a massive underground laboratory. While escaping from the laboratory, the girl comes into Kyung Hee, who is fighting to keep her residence safe from criminal groups.

They begin to pursue her in the laboratory when the girl overpowers them with her overpowering strength as they try to get to Kyung Heeresidence. .’s What is the identity of this enigmatic girl, and why is she being hunted down?”

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The Witch Korean Part 3 Trailer

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