The Reaction of The Star Wars Live Slug Has Become the Most Popular Meme on The Internet

Klaud, an alien character in the Star Wars sequel film The Rise of Skywalker, is the focus of the Live Slug Reaction meme template.

Klaud only makes a few brief cameos throughout the film, but he quickly became a meme after a scene in which he frowns blankly and then hugs a resistance fighter after the film’s iconic gay kiss.

The image of Klaud from the film poster is used in conjunction with the words “Live Slug Reaction” to express disapproval of LGBTQ+ couples or relationships. Klaud’s “Live Slug Reaction” serves as the pattern for your own reaction meme.

Explaining the “live Slug” Reaction Meme from “Star Wars”


The internet’s Live Slug memes are based on the slug’s peculiar reaction to the Star Wars couple’s passionate embrace.

As of February 21 of this year, when a Twitter user first brought attention to the picture, fans had already begun utilizing the slug’s facial expression in memes.

The user added, “Rise of Skywalker does have one beautiful moment, and that’s when, after showing the first gay kiss in Star Wars (for 2 seconds), they cut to this frowning slug monster for twice as long. 16 out of 10, no scribbles.”

Though this is one interpretation of the slug’s response, the same Twitter user offers alternative explanations. The slug monster shot was taken before the kiss, not after it, but I think you get my point.

Some online commenters, though, had a different view. This Tumblr user hypothesizes that the slug’s reaction stems from an epiphany. “Have you thought about the possibility that the slug is gay?” The user speculated, “Perhaps he is having a moment of revelation.”

After the Live Slug’s reaction became viral, it was used in a slew of memes depicting passionate interactions between two characters. Tumblr also saw a surge in activity as a result of the reaction, and we now count it among our favorite online memes.

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In Star Wars:

In the Rise of Skywalker, Klaud plays the role of a slimy alien. Memes featuring the character, namely an image of him staring in astonishment, became popular on Twitter and then Tumblr in February 2022, sometimes in conjunction with the Live Tucker Reaction meme type, as a reaction to portrayals of LGBTQ+ relationships.



The premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker took place on December 20, 2019. Klaud, a Trodatome mechanic for the Resistance, is introduced in the film.

One of the last moments in which the Resistance celebrates their victory features him being hugged by a resistance soldier after he has helped Poe and Finn on their journey to Sinta Glacier Colony.

There was a leak of the film’s poster in April 2019 where the character was first shown (shown below). This photograph of Klaud served as inspiration for the response shot, however, the same frame was cut from the final film.

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