"The Masked Singer": 3 Contestants Struggle To Return To Season 9 After Being Saved!

“The Masked Singer”: 3 Contestants Struggle To Return To Season 9 After Being Saved!

On Wednesday’s Battle of the Saved, the judges rang the Ding Dong Keep It On bell to give Gargoyle, Mantis, and Medusa a second chance to win the Golden Mask trophy. Not everyone gets a second chance, but in The Masked Singer’s Battle of the Saved, Gargoyle, Mantis, and Medusa all got theirs.

The Ding Dong Keep It On bell rang for Gargoyle, Mantis, and Medusa earlier in the season, but on Wednesday they received another chance to battle for the Golden Mask. Medusa struck first. Sun and the words “I had to constantly prove myself that I was worthy of people’s time and energy” are included in the clue package Medusa left behind.

The legendary being sang Shawn Mendes’ “Mercy.” Judge Jenny McCarthy told Medusa, “That performance alone could win this.” Nicole Scherzinger elaborated, saying, “When you’re on that stage, you don’t waste a single second. You’re always so forthright. Medusa sensed affection.

"The Masked Singer": 3 Contestants Struggle To Return To Season 9 After Being Saved!

The music itself made me emotional, but hearing your response to it is something I will always remember. Medusa provided the word “alias” as a further hint. “I go by my name back home, but here everybody calls me Medusa,” Medusa explained. “But in the outside world, I’m known by an entirely different name.”

Susan Boyle, Kesha, and Lorde were proposed as potential vocalists for Medusa by the panel, which also included Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke. Next up was Gargoyle. “I’ve got more experience being the underdog than anyone else,” he claimed in his clue package. I’ve been on teams where we were always challenged to prove that we deserved to be recognized on a national scale.

There was also a golden bear in the packet of clues. Gargoyle covered Usher and Pitbull’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love” and provided the word “pregame” as a bonus clue. “Music always gets me in the zone,” Gargoyle said. “Whether I’m listening to my own track or one of the greats, music always gets me in the zone.”

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"The Masked Singer": 3 Contestants Struggle To Return To Season 9 After Being Saved!

According to the judge, Gargoyle looks like NFL player DeSean Jackson, actor Michael B. Jordan, and actor Anthony Mackie. To wrap up the solo performances, Mantis said in his clue package that The Masked vocalist “is my daughter’s favorite show” and that “I’m not known as a singer.” There was a baseball field there as well.

“I’ve been outside the box for most of my career,” Mantis said. A lot of people would be surprised to learn that I am not their typical leading man. It’s really rare that I feel like I’m someone’s first option. I’ve always had the attitude that “I owe it to myself.”

Lyrics from The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me” were sung by Mantis. Mantis then elaborated on the meaning of his supplementary hint, “maverick.” “I’ve won awards for my independent spirit, but the real reward is having more movie credits than Ken,” the six-legged insect explained.

The jury speculated that Mantis could be one of the following actors: Steve Buscemi, Brendan Fraser, or Thomas Lennon. The crowd was then asked by emcee Nick Cannon to choose their favorite act of the evening. In the Battle Royale, the two participants with the fewest votes would face off against one another.

"The Masked Singer": 3 Contestants Struggle To Return To Season 9 After Being Saved!

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According to 42-year-old Cannon’s announcement, Mantis will be the first to leave. In this case, actor Lou Diamond Phillips’ bug mask was revealed. Speaking of her husband Donnie Wahlberg, “Donnie and I were literally talking about you last week,” McCarthy, 50, said.

In the Battle Royale, Gargoyle and Medusa faced off, each performing their own rendition of “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy. The judges decided to let Medusa back into the competition, revealing Gargoyle’s true identity. Keenan Allen, wide receiver for the Los Angeles Chargers, is hiding under his gothic creature costume.

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