The Boys Episode 8: Are We Getting It or Not? Know Here!

The Boys Episode 8

When The Boys premiered in 2019 and rapidly became a cornerstone of Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service, it utterly flipped the superhero genre on its head.

Season 2 of The Boys has returned, but unlike the first season, it will be released in weekly installments rather than the binge-friendly all-episodes-at-once format.

A similar strategy is being used by Disney + and Apple TV +. This new technique has left fans expecting each new episode, and as season seven hit Amazon, fans were clamoring to know what happens next.

But when will the eighth episode of The Boys season 2, episode 8 be available on Amazon Prime?

The Boys Episode 8 Cast

The Boys Episode 8

If you watch Thai television, you’ve probably noticed the same actors appearing on the same station over and over again. Many actors have long-term contracts with a broadcast network once they are discovered on the open market.

Noteworthy is the fact that GMM has previously coupled two of the F4 stars in BL series 2gether, which has its own dedicated fanbase. To see how they fare in a show that relies so much on the quality of their chemistry will be interesting.

When it comes to the role of Thyme, Vachirawit ‘Bright’ Chivaaree is a perfect choice. Ximen (Sojiro Nishikado/Yi-jung) is Metawin ‘Win’ Opas-iamkajorn (Sojiro Nishikado/Yi-jung) in 2gether. The fact that they’re not pursuing the same woman may be an oversight.

Actually, the character of Ren (Rui Hanazawa/Ji-hoo/Huaze Lee) in the love triangle is played by newbie Jirawat ‘Dew’ Sutivanichsak. But thus far, the plot has placed more attention on Kavin than on Ren, which could indicate a slightly different balance in the story.

Akira Mimasaka/Woo-bin/MJ, Meizuo’s Hirunkit ‘Nani’ Changkham, rounds out the Flower Boys, although he’s both fun and a fighter in this version. ‘Tu’ Tantivejakul plays Goya (Tsukushi Makino/Jan-di/Shancai), an ordinary yet brave female who becomes Goya’s love interest.

We’ll have to wait and see if the director is right when he says that each of these actors exudes their roles.

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The Boys Episode 8 Release Date

Amazon, unlike Netflix, does not adhere to a rigid 3 a.m. Eastern release window for new episodes and movies. These releases are often scheduled for midnight GMT (equivalent to 7 p.m. EDT) the night before (that would be Thursday in the U.S.). On the other hand, Amazon can deliver items as soon as the next business day, or as late as midnight local time, depending on the product.

However, it’s possible that The Boys Season 2 Episode 8 will be available to watch online on Wednesday night. Unless that’s the case, you should have it by midnight, at the very least.

The season finale will air at midnight, according to showrunner Eric Kripke. Our best assumption is that he’s referring to the Pacific time zone, but we don’t know for sure.

The Boys Episode 8 Plot

The Boys Episode 8

Vought will have to find out if its horrible past is forgiven or punished in the Season 2 finale, following the violent conclusion of Episode 7. That’s certainly not good news for Vought if the trailer is to be believed!

Butcher appears to pledge that he will “kill everyone,” whatever that may entail in the context of the film. Stormfront has been booted out of The Seven, and A-Train wants to gain his spot back by delivering confidential information to The Boys. In that folder, what’s there? No one knows for sure, but we suspect Nazis are involved.)

Homelander is behaving like he always does in other parts of the world. So far, parenting appears to be going well for him, as we watch him grab his song Ryan and fly away from the kid’s mother with it. Also, Homelander gives a speech to the press that appears to be calm, even if his eyes indicate the insanity that lays below.

There’s a lot going on in the finale of The Boys Season 2.

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The Boys Episode 8 Trailer

The Boys Episode 8


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