Supercar Blondie Net Worth: How Much Has This Person Made in 2022?

supercar blondie net worth

In the maker community, you may have heard of “Supercar Blondie” or “the gal with the automobiles.” In case you’ve never heard of Alex Hirschi, she’s a car-crazed multimedia creator who’s taking the automotive business by storm.

After just five years, this Australian ex-pat has become the world’s most popular female car influencer with more than 64 million followers on Instagram. It’s estimated that Supercar Blondie is worth $17 million.

Net Worth

Hirschi has amassed a staggering $17 million in wealth. According to Socialbakers, her Facebook page was the fastest-growing auto page in the world in 2018.

One Hundred and Seventy-Seven Thousand Dollars. To Hirschi’s admirers, he is a singular figure in the automotive industry.

One of the most influential businesswomen in the Arab world, Hirschi was also recognized as an Influencer of the Year by Esquire Middle East.

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Early Life

Brisbane, Australia, is where Hirschi was born on September 21, 1985, and he grew up in Queensland. Her fascination with automobiles began at a young age. The Mitsubishi Lancer was, in fact, her very first automobile purchase.

supercar blondie net worth

She attended the Queensland University of Technology, where she majored in Journalism & Business, and graduated in 2010. She worked as a newsreader and host for a talk radio show before becoming a social media star. They included John Travolta, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Liam Neeson, among others.

Regarding her personal life, she is married to Nik Hirschi. We’re not sure exactly when they tied the knot. Her husband is very supportive of her and works behind the scene as her manager.

Personal Life

Alex Hirschi’s marital status may be of interest to you. That’s right, Alex Hirschi is married to Nik Hirschi, and the two of them live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Nik used to work for a large corporation. In the past, Nik purchased a Ferrari 488 Spider with a variety of roses.

Hirschi, a former manager of Valiant Bank AG in Switzerland, is now working with Alexandra as a manager. Is there a family there? So far, the couple hasn’t thought about how they’ll raise their children.

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In 2018, Hirschi quit her radio show to pursue a career as a video producer full-time. And it’s been a great success for her. According to a 2020 study conducted by British financial services comparison website GoCompare, Hirschi will be able to command US$1.4 million per year in sponsored social media postings.

In 2021, Supercar Blondie’s net worth is predicted to rise to US$17 million. Not too shabby for a car-obsessed youngster. Hirschi became a full-time social media influencer after quitting her job as a television host.

Being in Dubai, she gets to see supercars all the time. For the whole of our journey from Dubai to Saudi Arabia, we were escorted by Dubai Police Supercars, led by a LaFerrari, and an unmarked helicopter, as she explained in an interview.

supercar blondie net worth

The experience was life-changing, and I made the decision to leave my work in radio and devote myself full-time to my social media business. As of 2018, she appeared on Germany’s RTL II television network to promote the Bugatti L’Or Blanc and the La Ferrari Aperta on “Grip DAS Automagazin.”

A year later, she was the host of “Car Crews,” a new automotive reality show. In this podcast, we’ll find out about the many car cultures in the United States. Alexandra Hirschi has a long list of honors and awards to her credit. In March 2018, Arabian Business magazine named her one of the 50 Most Influential Arab Women.

As of the same month, Esquire Magazine Middle East named her Influencer of the Year. The Shorty Award for Breakout YouTuber went to Hirschi in 2020.


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