Steve O Net Worth: How Much Has This Person Made in 2022?

steve o net worth

His net worth is expected to be around $2.5 million in 2022.

As one of the best-known comedians in the world, Steve O has worked with the Jackass crew for more than a decade.

Early Life

Steve-O was born in London, England, despite his American citizenship. Upon his birth in 1974, he was christened Stephen Gilchrist Clover by his parents. His father was born in England, and his mother was born in Canada.

steve o net worth

While his father was working for Pepsi-Cola in England, the two were living together. His father was elevated to president of Pepsi-Cola in South America when Steve-O was just six months old, so the family relocated to Brazil to be with him.

Stephen Glover, who was raised in Brazil and has indicated that his first words were in Portuguese, was exposed to many other cultures and languages as a result of his upbringing there.

During Stephen’s childhood, his family was constantly on the road; by the time he was two, they had settled in Venezuela. As a result, the young man became fluent in the language. At the age of six, his family relocated to Miami, Florida, and that was his first experience in the United States.

He only stayed for three years, as the family relocated to England when he was 9 years old. Once again he relocated to London, this time for the final time after spending three years back in his birthplace. He was finally able to put down roots and attend an English high school for four years.

Steve-O attended the University of Miami after high school. He dropped out of college after a few semesters due to poor marks and instead went to clown school. A professional clown and stuntman, Steve-O worked for three years before turning to filmmaking.

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Net Worth

According to Wealthy Gorilla, Steve-O is worth an estimated $2.5 million (£1.8 million).

In addition to his appearances on Jackass, the actor is a well-known face.

When the show first aired on MTV in 2000, it ran for three seasons, all of which lasted two years.

steve o net worth

“Don’t do this at home!” was the catchphrase for the series, which followed nine fearless stuntmen and extreme sports athletes as they attempted dangerous and reckless stunts.

Steve-O then starred in MTV’s Wildboyz alongside Chris Pontius from 2003 to 2006, following the success of the series.

Steve-spin-off O’s show Dr. Steve-O followed, in which he would try to “de-wussify” his guests.


After graduating from clown college, Steve O began contacting producers in an effort to land a big-name deal for his videos. At some point in the future, he ran into Jeff Tremaine, the man responsible for Jackass and who was working with Johnny Knoxville to develop a stunt-based television show.

In 2000, MTV aired the first season of a jackass. In 2001, Steve O launched his own tour, dubbed the ‘Steve O don’t attempt this at home Tour’. It wasn’t long before he became a household name around the world as a stand-up comic.


Jackass finished in 2002, and the group moved on to release a film later that year. Steve O and Chris Pontius would go on to star in another show like this, WILD BOYZ, later in their careers.

Struggles with Mental Illness

Steve-O was hospitalized for 14 days in 2008 due to suicidal tendencies. He pleaded convicted to felony cocaine possession in the same year. Participating in a rehabilitation program allowed him to avoid going to jail.

steve o net worth

For the second time in three months, he returned to the psychiatric hospital after abstaining for so long. Steve-O later claimed that his drug use had a significant impact on his mental health.

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Further Explorations

Various pranks and stunts by Steve-O can be seen on his YouTube account. By the year 2020, he expects to have over 5 million subscribers to his channel.

Steve-O put out a few rap albums that did okay. In addition, he wrote a memoir titled Professional Idiot: A Memoir about his life and career. The book details his rise to stardom, as well as his decision to become an animal rights activist and a devout vegan.




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