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Study Hacks: Ingenious Ways to Save Time on Your Schoolwork (& Score Top Grades in Exams)

Elon Musk’s flirtations with buying Twitter seemed to be the biggest social media story of the year only a few months ago (see, for example, my article from May). In the last few months, a new story has taken over this area and sucked in more and more air: TikTok’s threat to the classic social networks.

It was reported in a quarterly report issued in February of last year by Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, that the number of users had plateaued.

Analysts were quick to blame TikTok, which had recently surpassed the billion-user milestone, for the slowdown. Over the course of a single day, the market value of Meta dropped by over $200 billion.

A significant tweak in Meta’s products’ features brought them closer to the pure algorithmic distraction offered by its new rival, which forced Meta to respond to investor pressure. Short videos and “unconnected” recommendations were revealed in a leaked Facebook memo in the spring, indicating a shift in the social network’s focus.

Recent changes to Instagram’s interface have put more emphasis on algorithmically-curated videos than on photographs published by accounts that users follow.

These adjustments may appear necessary in the short term from the standpoint of the business. Facebook and Instagram’s move to emulate TikTok, as I suggested in my most recent story for The New Yorker, published last week, could be the beginning of their demise.

Search the internet

study hacksThe internet is a great place to look for additional study materials. If you do a search on Google for your topic, you’ll often find excellent materials from other universities, such as practice quizzes.

Using the search term “site: Edu [your subject] exam,” you will be able to locate practice exams from various colleges, all of which contain questions related to your topic.

Alternatively, you may be able to find a video on YouTube that explains the concepts you’re studying in simple words. To mention just a few, CrashCourse, Khan Academy, Brightstorm, and Bozeman Science all offer free tutorials.

An internet search will most certainly take you to a trove of useful information!

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Using these 10 study tips will help you remember more of what you’ve learned.

  • Before an exam, take a walk around the block.

Exercise has been shown to improve your memory and cognitive abilities. Dr. Chuck Hillman’s research at the University of Illinois shows that a 20-minute workout before an exam can enhance performance.

  • Speak Clearly Rather than merely reading

It may look like you’re doing something insane, but give it a shot! The more you say something out loud, the more it sticks in your mind. Try this at a quiet library; it’s not recommended for busy ones.

  • Possess A Treat As A Self-Adult Reward

In order to learn how to study more effectively, you might incorporate an incentive system into your daily routines. You can use Gummy Bears to keep yourself motivated to study by:

  • Educate Others on What You’ve Discovered

If you want to know if you truly understand something, try teaching it to someone else. The Pythagorean Theorem can be difficult to explain, so why not try teaching it to a class of stuffed animals?

  • Make Associative Links in Your Mind

In addition to making it simpler to remember knowledge, the ability to make connections is the gasoline that powers creativity and intelligence. ‘Creativity is merely connecting things,’ stated Steve Jobs famously.

After all, “I didn’t actually do it, I just saw something,” says the creative person when asked how he or she did something.

By producing a visual representation of many relationships, mind maps make it easy to link concepts. See what else Mind Maps can do for your education by clicking here.

  •  Make a Chart

Drawing diagrams will help you visualize information that is difficult to convey. As a result, you develop a mental image that you can call upon during a test. It’s possible that your exam will need you to draw or name schematics like the human heart, so start preparing now!

  • Seven. Times New Roman Is the Fastest Font to Read

For the most part, Times New Roman is the default typeface for a good reason!

  •  Block Distracting Websites using Apps

Distractions can be avoided with the help of the SelfControl software, which blocks websites for a set period of time. In our blog post “12 Student Apps You Don’t Want to Miss!,” we’ll show you more ways to make life as a student easier.

  • Check out a related documentary.

study hacks

Documentaries are a fun way to get a lot of information in a short amount of time. These movies can help students learn about a topic, and they may even get additional points for noting that they viewed a film on the subject!

You can use this blog post’s infographic to determine which documentary to watch.

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  • How to Use Google Like a Pro!

Make the most of your time searching for information online by learning how to use Google. Find what you’re looking for quickly and easily by following the advice in this image:

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