‘Schitt’s Creek’ Season 7: Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

Schitt’s Creek Season 7

Waiting for Season 7 of Schitt’s Creek? A Canadian drama series created by Dan Levy and Eugene Levy premiered on CBC on January 13th, 2015, and was shown on Pop TV in the United States.

As a result of the family’s financial decline, the Roses are forced to leave their opulent lifestyle behind and move to a tiny town where they can start over.

Moira Rose and Alexis and David join their parents in a lodge, where they try to lead a normal life. The first two seasons of the show were well received by audiences. It wasn’t until after Season 3 was released on Netflix that the show saw a spike in streaming views.

Once released in Canada and afterward, it became a huge success with a fantastic storyline, excellent performances, and a healthy dose of je ne sais quoi.

Among the many accolades, the show has received include the ACTRA Awards and the Canadian Screen Awards. During the 72nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, the show won all seven of the comedy categories, putting its name on the trophy.

The show’s six seasons of production have been flawless. That being said, let’s see what happens to Schitt’s Creek Season 7…

‘Schitt’s Creek’ Season 7 Plot

Schitt’s Creek Season 7


Johnny (Eugene Levy), O’Hara (We’re Here) as Moira, Dan Levy (David) as David, and Alexis Murphy (Alexis) are the characters in the show. This was a well-off family from the start, and they didn’t hesitate when discussing purchases.

Imagine achieving a goal you’ve had your sights set on for a long time. One’s panic episode was undoubtedly brought on by the idea of waking up one day with nothing. The Rose family from this series is integral to the phrase “from grace to grass.” Schitt’s Creek became the only option left for the Roses (a small town).

When the Roses moved from their posh suburban home to a run-down motel in a small town, they had to get used to sharing two adjoining rooms. In the process of restoring their lives, they came across people they never expected.

Assisting Roland was the mayor (Chris Elliot), his wife (Jenn Robertson), and the motel clerk (Stevie Budd, played by Emily Hampshire in The Rig).

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‘Schitt’s Creek’ Season 7 Release Date

Schitt’s Creek Season 7’s premiere date has not been made public yet. As soon as we learn more, we’ll be sure to share it with our readers right here. Schitt’s Creek season 7 is also expected to premiere on 12 Febuary 2023, based on this timeline.

All we need now is the word on whether or not the season will be renewed so that we can start planning our release date predictions. Season 6 of the show aired on CBC, but season 7 will premiere on Netflix first, according to reports. To find out what occurs next, we must wait and see.

This is what the levy’s creator while speaking with the media site, said:

‘Schitt’s Creek’ Season 7 Cast

Schitt’s Creek Season 7

Who will be in the cast if the show returns for a seventh season? Because the show’s makers have canceled it, we haven’t heard anything new about it. Former Schitt’s Creek performers may return to reprise their roles in Season 7, according to reliable sources like Nextalerts.

The drama’s family is incomplete without the show’s leading actors. As a whole, they’ve all done an excellent job. They are deserving of a place in the show’s future. As a result, the chances of them returning are much higher.

There may be a few newcomers to the ensemble, but Schitt’s Creek Season 7 will primarily feature actors who have appeared in prior seasons. Hence, the stars who will appear in the upcoming season are as follows:

  • Eugene Levy will play the role of Johnny Rose.
  • Catherine O’Hara will be seen as Moira Rose.
  • Dan Levy will deliver his role of David Rose.
  • Annie Murphy will present her role as Alexis Rose.
  • Jennifer Robertson will display the character of Jocelyn Schitt.
  • Tim Rozon will portray the character of Mutt Schitt.
  • Emily Hampshire will play her role as Stevie Budd.
  • Chris Elliott will deliver his role of Roland Schitt.
  • Sarah Levy will be seen as Twyla Sands.
  • John Hemphill will present the character of Robert Bob Currie.
  • Karen Robinson Lee will play her role as Veronica Ronnie.
  • Mullens Dustin Milligan will display the character of Theodore Ted.
  • Noah Reid will portray the character of Patrick Brewer.

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‘Schitt’s Creek’ season 7 Trailer


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