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Play Snake: Download the Snake Game for Linux and Play It Here!

It’s easy to find a Snake game on Android, iOS, or the Internet. One such game can even be played on a Linux terminal. And you heard it here first: Linux Terminal.

snake is a port of the original Snake game for the Linux terminal.

play snake

Alexandre Dantas adapted the popular game Snake for the Linux terminal using the ncurses toolkit. In this article, we’ll look at installing snake in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions that are similar to Ubuntu.

Launch the terminal and enter the following command to install snake on Ubuntu and Linux Mint:

When you click it, the game will launch in a terminal window that may be like the one below.

You may have noticed that my Ubuntu Terminal doesn’t look like the standard purple because I’m using the excellent Numix theme.

The game of snake requires little skill on the player’s part. From the main menu, you may select the game’s speed as well as whether or not to keep the boundaries.

Snake is navigated with the arrow keys, while the P and Q keys are used to pause and exit the game, respectively.

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New and improved code can be found on Git, as noted by Alexandre.

If you’re looking for more games like this, we’ve compiled a list of the top Linux terminal games. Let us know your thoughts about snakes in the comments below. Do you have any experience with it? Which other online terminal games do you play? Feel free to express your thoughts.

An Old Favorite:

There are tricks and traps aplenty in each of the 100 squares… Bet on your luck by throwing the dice. There are no guarantees in life; ladders may help you climb, but snakes will always bring you crashing back down to earth.

If you’re throwing a party to celebrate your 100th day, this is a must-have game!

The games on Toy Theater are trusted by parents and educators all across the world because they are free from malicious content. The enjoyment you can have without spending a dime!

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Strategy for Playing Snake

play snake

Snake is a supplementary betting activity that livens up the main event. The Snake is a player who consistently makes three putts. There won’t be another honorable mention until another player 3-putts.

The Winner of a match bet must reimburse losing participants. If more than one player three-putts on a hole, the last player to hole out wins the “Snake.”

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