No Hard Feelings Release Date

No Hard Feelings: The Highly Anticipated Release Date is Finally Here!

Filmgoers have laughed at Jennifer Lawrence’s antics on the red carpet and in talk programs before, but No Hard Feelings will be the first true comedy of her career. This R-rated comedy starring the Oscar-winning actress and directed by the man behind the smash hit comedy Good Boys is scheduled to premiere in the middle of the summer blockbuster season in 2023.

Gene Stupnitsky will helm the upcoming American coming-of-age sex comedy film No Hard Feelings, based on a script he developed with John Phillips. Jennifer Lawrence co-stars in the film with Andrew Barth Feldman, and she also produces it.

Matthew Broderick, Laura Benanti, Natalie Morales, Scott MacArthur, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach are also included in supporting roles. All the information you require on No Hard Feelings is provided below.

No Hard Feelings Release Date

Sony Pictures Releasing plans to distribute No Hard Feelings in the United States on June 23, 2023. Released a week after the much-anticipated superhero film The Flash, it is set to debut on the same day as the upcoming Wes Anderson film Asteroid City.

No Hard Feelings Release Date

Considering the rise of streaming, the “only in theaters” disclaimer is more important than ever. Warner Bros. delayed the premiere of the controversial The Flash for June 16, so the original release date of June 16 was pushed back a week.

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No Hard Feelings: The Plot

Speculations have surfaced concerning the film’s narrative, however, at this time, the specifics are being kept under wraps. Those little details that have been made public have provided a good notion of what to anticipate. The plot sounds similar to that of comedies starring Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise, such as Bad Teacher and Risky Business.

The protagonist portrayed by Lawrence is a “ne’er-do-well” who is employed by a wealthy couple to serve as a date for the son of the pair, a shy and socially awkward high school senior who is getting ready to attend college. Sony also promotes the story as an “R-rated comedy with heart.”

No Hard Feelings Release Date

It’s been compared to Bad Teacher and Risky Business, so maybe we can get some story information from those movies. The plot of Bad Teacher, which Stupnitsky helped develop, centered on a slacker teacher who despises her profession and is only in it for the cash to pay for breast augmentation surgery. Moving back in time to 1983.

Risky Business followed a teenager as he engages in some questionable behavior while spending the weekend at home by himself. Based on this and our knowledge of Lawrence’s personality, we can predict that she will be a negative role model for the adolescent boy and force him to face the harsh realities of life.

No Hard Feelings Release Date

Most of the tension in the film will stem from these characters’ divergent worldviews. The central idea of employing a “date” for your son has numerous comic possibilities. This is just conjecture based on the limited information we have, and the real plot may be different. As filming progresses, more details about the story will be unveiled.

The Cast of “No Hard Feelings”

Andrew Barth Feldman, 19, plays Percy, and Jennifer Lawrence plays Maddie. In No Hard Feelings, you’ll find a who’s who of famous people. Jennifer Lawrence has been cast as the main character, but who will be starring alongside her?

No Hard Feelings Release Date

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No Hard Feelings trailer

In case you were wondering, Sony Pictures has published the red band trailer for No Hard Feelings, which means it’s probably not suitable for work. Take a look at the embedded video down below:

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