Beau Is Afraid Release Date

Get Your Overalls Ready: Beau Is Afraid is Coming To a Theater Near You!

Like wine and cheese, A24 and Ari Aster are a perfect pairing. The acclaimed studio and director are nearly inseparable at this point, having worked together on the hugely successful horror flicks Hereditary and Midsommar, both of which were released in quick succession in 2018 and 2019. Three years after the release of their first collaboration, Midsommar, the two companies are excited to unveil their newest film, Beau Is Scared.

For a very long time, nobody knew anything about this film, which was originally billed as a nightmare comedy. The experimental premise, the unusual setting, and the participation of parallel realms with tons of inventive graphics all contribute to the film’s overwhelming sense of the surreal.

Compared to Aster’s earlier films, this one is a radical departure, but it fits well with A24’s mission to promote original storytelling. Thankfully, as the film’s release date draws nearer, we have a better notion of what to expect from this surreal nightmare movie. All the information we have about Beau Is Scared is listed above.

Beau Is Afraid Release Date

Only a few months remain till Beau is Afraid’s formal premiere in American theaters on April 21, 2023. In the United Kingdom, however, a specific release date has not yet been set. Due to the typical release schedule lag time for films produced and distributed by A24 on this side of the Atlantic, we may have to wait a little longer to see it.

Beau Is Afraid Release Date

But, Ari Aster’s two previous films, both of which were with A24, were released in the UK either simultaneously with their US debuts or shortly thereafter. This raises the possibility that we will receive it at the same time. When a release date is set, we will be sure to update this page.

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Beau Is Afraid: The Cast

Joaquin Phoenix stars as Beau throughout the film and has a number of roles (or at least at multiple ages). Meanwhile, Armen Nahapetian portrays a young Beau.

Beau Is Afraid Release Date

  • Joaquin Phoenix as Beau
  • Armen Nahapetian as teenage Beau
  • Patti LuPone as Beau’s mother
  • Zoe Lister-Jones as a younger Beau’s mother
  • Nathan Lane as Roger
  • Amy Ryan as Grace
  • Kylie Rogers as Toni
  • Parker Posey as Elaine

Beau Is Afraid Plot

Defined as a “decades-spanning surrealist horror thriller set in an alternate present”, Joaquin Phoenix plays Beau, a “very worried but pleasant-looking man who has a troubled relationship with his authoritarian mother and never knew his father. After witnessing the death of his mother, he returns home, only to face terrifying otherworldly dangers along the way “.

Little is known about the film at this time, and the only trailer we have shows Phoenix’s character, Beau, traveling to see his mother and seemingly changing ages as he encounters obstacles, mayhem, and cartoonish realms. There is also a brief plot summary for the film that was released by A24, albeit it doesn’t really explain much.

Beau Is Afraid Release Date

In this daring and ingeniously hedonistic new film from writer/director Ari Aster, we follow the journey of a neurotic man as he sets out to reunite with his mother. While Aster has been cagey regarding the film’s plot in interviews, he did release a teaser trailer for Disappointment Blvd. in June 2020.

Reports at the time indicate that Aster described the film as a “nightmare comedy” and a “four-hour lengthy project,” both of which were published by Daily Nexus. No matter what happens, it will be a thrilling experience at the movies, just like Hereditary and Midsommar.


Beginning with a 2011 short film titled Beau, which would eventually serve as the basis for a sequence in the feature film, and continuing with a draft of the script that circulated online in 2014, Ari Aster had been working on the picture for quite some time. It’s a “nightmare comedy,” according to Aster.

Beau Is Afraid Release Date

Disappointment Blvd. was announced by A24 in February 2021 with Joaquin Phoenix attached to the star. In June and July, it was revealed that a large number of actors would be appearing in the film. In the words of co-star Stephen McKinley Henderson, Aster, and Phoenix “the way they worked together was so natural and comfortable, like they were longtime friends.

It appeared like an argument would start and end within seconds between them. Yet, in every case, it improved the quality of the final product.” The production’s first day of principal photography was June 28, 2021, and it lasted until October of the same year.

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Is There a Trailer?

Absolutely, and it could be the oddest thing you’ve seen in a while! Beau’s mother opens the interesting clip by saying, “I am so sorry for what your papa passed down to you, but I wanted a child, the greatest gift of my life.” Yet, the trailer establishes that Beau is a disturbed protagonist, and it follows him to a variety of settings, some of which are more figurative than others.

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