Ghosted Release Date

Ghosted Release Date Arrives Soon: Brace Yourself for a Paranormal Experience!

Modern online dating can be fraught with problems, and ghosting is a prevalent one. In “Ghosted,” however, Chris Evans’ character, Cole, does not accept that he has been ignored. After their one and only date ends in silence, he resolves to fly all the way to London to track down the girl, Sadie. The official teaser was released on March 6.

It shows that the outcomes of this “romantic gesture” are much more bizarre and perhaps deadly than he could have ever imagined. Both de Armas and Evans have worked together before, but this is their first time doing so on film. They co-starred in the 2019 comedy “Knives Out” by Rian Johnson and the 2022 thriller “The Gray Man” by Netflix.

During an interview with Collider in 2022, Evans gushed about working with de Armas, saying, “she’s the first person I go to, and if she says ‘no,’ then we explore the pool… but she’s the first up.” I’m curious as to what their plans are. What follows is a complete and comprehensive summary of Ghosted.

Ghosted Release Date

As of the 21st of April, Ghosted will be accessible to watch for the first time on Apple TV Plus in all regions where it is offered. Unlike several of Apple’s prior original movies like Sharper and Tetris, it is now unclear if Ghosted will ever be released in theaters at all. Since a release date has not been confirmed, many believe it will occur around 2023.

Ghosted Release Date

After filming concluded in May of 2022, Evans let his followers know via Instagram. Filmmakers now have the freedom to release their films whenever they see fit thanks to the wide variety of streaming options accessible in the media today. A first look at the film may be seen on Apple TV+. Look into the other upcoming 2023 films.

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Ghosted Plot

Ghosted, available on Apple TV, has the following plot summary: “Cole, a down-to-earth guy, falls in love with mysterious Sadie, only to learn to his horror that she is a spy. A global expedition to preserve the earth sweeps Cole and Sadie away before they can plan a second date.”

Very little information is available about “Ghosted” at this time, however, the film’s general tone has been guessed. The Hollywood Reporter describes the picture as, “A high-concept romantic action-adventure in the vein of ‘Romancing the Stone,’ the 1984 adventure thriller starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.”

Ghosted Release Date

Fans are sure to be pleased by the availability of such films through the Apple TV+ app, as they are not frequently released and are therefore a rare gift for audiences.  Apple has made an intensive effort in recent months to buy a number of high-profile projects to add to the library of its streaming service.

There is a lot coming to theaters that fans will be excited to see, including the next film from Martin Scorsese and a film on the creation of the video game Tetris. Right now is a great time to sign up for Apple TV+ if you haven’t already.

Who’s in The Cast For Ghosted?

As of this writing, only two actors have been officially linked to “Ghosted,” yet they are two of the most famous in Hollywood. For starters, Scarlett Johansson is making a name for herself on Apple TV+. She also has a starring role in “Wedding,” another Apple original film that will premiere before “Ghosted.”

Ghosted Release Date

Ghosted Trailer

The subsequent chaos seems like a lot of fun, regardless of whether you agree with Chris Evans’ Cole that flying to London to follow up with a woman he had one date with is a sweet gesture or a little troubling. Here is where you can view the Ghosted trailer:

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