Multiverse of Madness: Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness Movie and More Updates!

multiverse of madness

Disney/Doctor Marvel’s Stranger In The Multiverse Of Madness has now grossed more than $700 million worldwide after two weekends.

By the end of the weekend, the worldwide total is expected to be about $688.1 million, which includes $291.9 million in domestic and $396.2 million from the worldwide box office. As of this writing, the latter number is on track to overtake The Batman as the biggest international release of the year.

While the first Doctor Strange grossed $678 million worldwide, this sequel is now on pace to top $900 million worldwide (say, $925 million-$950 million), and that’s before Russia or China are factored in.

So, it’s not quite the $1 billion that one might have expected based on the success of last weekend’s debut. In 49 different material markets, the second-year period brought in $83.5M. In comparison to the first weekend, this represents a 60% decline.

In the same markets, Spider-Man: No Way Home experienced a little decline in its second frame, but that film was released during the Christmas season. The decline in Doctor Strange 2 is greater than expected. All of Multiverse Of Madness’ regions were suffering from the same level of devastation.

What Were Your Motivations for Making Wanda Maximoff a Full-Fledged Antagonist in This Film, Given that She Was a Heroin in Wanda’s Vision?

First and foremost, it’s accurate to the character’s appearance and actions as shown in the comics. Since I inherited the movie, I’ve known this was where Wanda was going in the MCU. Suddenly, the question was, when would it happen?”

multiverse of madness

It is possible that Wanda was a member of the ensemble in a different version of this film that ended with her becoming a villain. But I don’t think that would have worked since it’s still Dr. Strange’s movie, so you’d have a watered-down version of Wanda.

If she were the protagonist, she wouldn’t be the antagonist, because she wouldn’t actually be either. For the majority of the film, you’d have to have a different antagonist.

Throughout WandaVision, she does a lot of nasty things. She makes the courageous decision to let go of everyone. She also learns that the family she has created isn’t real. Finally, near the end of the series, she learns that there is a real-life version of her children.

It’s possible that if you have the Book of the Damned screaming in your ear for long enough that your children are out there and you might go get ’em, you may be pushed to do terrible things.

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How Did the Illuminati’s Membership List Come to Be?

In terms of who we can obtain and then dispatch, the final roster of that group is beyond my wildest expectations. [Laughs] I had no idea we could accomplish that. I’m not sure whether the lineup is exactly what I had in my first draught, but it’s near enough that I think it’s close enough.

multiverse of madness

As a result, it came out to be close to that. Only those who were available and those who were correct were the targets. So the question became, “All right, who needs to be in an Illuminati in order for it to work?” You’d have people with specific abilities. And we tried to be faithful to the Illuminati’s comic book counterparts.


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