Morgan Radford Welcomes Daughter 'Adelena' With Husband David Williams

Morgan Radford Welcomes Daughter ‘Adelena’ With Husband David Williams: A “Bundle of Happiness” For Couples!

The first child for the 35-year-old NBC News Daily co-anchor and her husband, David Williams, was born on Thursday. Her name is Adelana “Lana” Marcia Radford Williams. The baby girl Radford and Williams named had a meaningful name. The first name Adelana comes from the Yoruba language and means “the conduit by which more pleasant things are to arrive,” while the middle name Marcia honors her grandmother Lily Marcia.

“These past few days have been a pure delight, a whirlwind of squishy newborn kisses, fragrant baby odors, and wide-eyed innocence. The way she stares at me, as though she already knows the immense, unquenchable love I feel for her, is enough to set my world on fire “.

Adelina’s days consist of “made-up nursery rhymes are sung to her by her father,” “beautiful baby chatter while she dreams,” and “endless kisses from her four grandparents who are showering her with tenderness” (and their speed of diaper changes, which greatly exceeds that of her first-time parents!).

A parent’s love for their child is the purest, most steady, undisturbed landscape of human love imaginable, and yet, people often say things like, “I didn’t realize a love like this existed before I had children.” On Saturday, Radford and David Williams posted an Instagram message on the arrival of their daughter Adelana, who was 8 pounds, 1 ounce, and 21 inches long.

“Hello, Universe! Please welcome ADELINA (or “LANA” for short)! She is the very essence of the life that love brought into the world “A caption for their post was started by the pair. They continued, saying that their child “is also the live result of decades of love and investment by her (very) proud grandparents, who cannot stop staring at her in ecstasy and wonder.”

“Thank you very much for the many prayers and well-wishes that helped bring her into the world. As sleep-deprived parents, we can’t stop marveling at her beautiful, full head of hair and teeny, little toes. Witnessing the value and miracle of human existence, we can’t help but be filled with amazement “Williams and Radford carried on.

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After explaining that they wanted a name for their daughter that would “connect her to her family, her roots, and our dreams for a bright and colorful future of her choosing,” they concluded their post by saying, “A good friend/colleague told me that to know a love like this is to live forever…and I feel like I’ve already lived an eternity.”

The journalist announced her impending August 2022 arrival on the third hour of Today. When asked about her impending pregnancy, Morgan Radford stated, “It is so lovely to celebrate this milestone with my Today show family; they were there when I froze my eggs, got engaged, had my wedding postponed during the pandemic — and finally!

Morgan Radford Welcomes Daughter 'Adelena' With Husband David Williams: A "Bundle of Happiness" For Couples!

when we were married this year in Colombia.” “I’m really amped up about it. Having the opportunity to make several dad jokes, “William pointed out. I’m raring to get the youngster on the soccer pitch! I hope this stage is no different – because I am really excited, but also pretty scared,” Radford said, referring to her “swell of support and knowledge fans shared with me as I started my profession, as I frozen my eggs, and as I got married.”

She stated, “I look forward to learning from our viewers and from hearing their advice — and of course, doing what I do best, leveraging this new experience to ask challenging questions on an even larger range of issues that can bring us all comfort and clarity.

Morgan Radford Welcomes Daughter 'Adelena' With Husband David Williams: A "Bundle of Happiness" For Couples!

Radford has been quite forthright about her desire to raise a baby, and in 2018, she aired a program detailing the process of storing her eggs in order to facilitate a future pregnancy. But last year, when Radford became pregnant, she did not use those eggs.

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Why Did Morgan Radford Name Her Daughter ‘Adelana’?

It was confirmed by the NBC news journalist that her daughter’s name has significance. Also, it was picked so that she would feel “connected to her family, her history, and our ambitions for a bright and colorful future of her choice.”

You can say it as “AH-de-LAH-nuh.” Her middle name, Marcia, was given to her by her grandmother, Lily Marcia, while her first name, Adelana, is of Yoruba origin and means “the conduit by which more wonderful things are to arrive.” Radford and Williams’ pregnancy was first revealed in August of 2022.

Radford expressed excitement about “the cuddling!” to Today’s Parents at the time. A statement! First steps!,” she exclaimed, adding, “I love that we are making this whole new individual that gets to be precisely who they want to be, and to have new experiences even beyond my own imagining.”

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