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Ciara Has Many Thinking She’s Pregnant as She Poses in Form-Flattering Gown

Fans are gushing over Ciara’s new baby, and she and her family are clearly reveling in their happiness. She posted on Instagram that her husband Russell Wilson’s physical therapist—and a close friend—has given birth to a baby girl after years of trying to start a family.

The actress became tearful as she spoke about going through the challenging pregnancy and many losses alongside her friend Amy Atmore, who she described as “obviously part of the family.”

She posted a picture of herself looking radiant as she carried her newborn daughter, Aysi, and other touching pictures of her family, including her older children, holding her for the first birth.

Video on Tiktok Breaks All-Time Records

Video on Tiktok Breaks All-Time Records

On March 19, a user on the video-sharing app TikTok going by the handle lolaloveu5 shared it with the artist. From the sounds of things, Lola is a huge Ciara fan and was recently able to meet the famous performer in person.

The TikTok user made the most of her opportunity to film a selfie with Ciara. Simultaneously, they made a quick movie together. Lola posted the identical thing on the site, however she captioned it.

Within only a few short hours, the video went viral, leading some to speculate that the singer was expecting.

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Ciara’s Fans Believe She Is Pregnant

Ciara’s fans were quick to point out that she appeared to be pregnant. Some viewers of the video on Twitter appeared astonished to learn that the singer might be pregnant, drawing even more attention to the clip.

Here are a few examples of people’s reactions:

While fans sought to shame the TikTok user for violating Ciara’s privacy, the person defended herself. To be fair, I didn’t notice she was pregnant. I lied when I said I didn’t know this before today; you guys helped me out.

I didn’t set out to do any harm. Three photos were taken before the movie was taken, but “I looked so weird that I asked her if I could simply film a video of her.”

Some spectators may have spotted a possible bump.

Ciara has three children: Future, with her ex who goes by the same name, and children Sienna and Win, with her husband Russell Wilson.

When the singer appeared as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this year, Russell surprised her by getting down on one knee and proposing they start a family again.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback said to his wife, “I have a question for you. Serious question,” before asking, “Can we have more babies?”

Ciara was taken aback but soon began laughing as Russell continued: “I mean, it would be perfect. Just give me one more at least.” We definitely can, but we’ve got a little time before we get there,” she retorted, to which Russell exclaimed, “Ah come on!” Ciara then joked, “I

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