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Midnight Mass Season 2

“The Haunting of Hill House” and “The Haunting of Bly Manor” creator Mike Flanagan has brought us yet another gorgeous and horrifying series.

On “Midnight Mass,” Hamish Linklater plays a mystery priest named Father Paul Hill who arrives at Crockett Island, an isolated village and begins a string of supernatural occurrences.

Also returning to Crockett Island after serving time in prison is a local man named Riley Flynn (Zach Gilford).

This is a new twist on the classic vampire myth, with a theological undertone that also touches on humanity as a whole. “Midnight Mass” ended with a few unsolved questions, and a prospective second season could help answer them. However, will there be a third season?

All the information we have so far concerning the future of “Midnight Mass,” and what a second season might bring.

Midnight Mass Season 2 Release Date

“Midnight Mass” doesn’t appear to be returning for a second season. The show has been termed a limited series and has had a rather distinct finish, and at this point, there has been no news regarding another season of the show…

However, Flanagan may decide to release a second season or perhaps a spin-off that takes place years in the future, depending on the reactions of fans and overall streaming numbers. Again, don’t get your hopes up for a second season at this stage.

If “Midnight Mass” gets a second season, we may expect it to premiere in the fall of 2022. A season two might be written, shot, and edited in its entirety.

Since the first season launched this fall, it would make sense for the second season to premiere around the same time. Stay tuned for any possible news on a second season of “Midnight Mass.”

Midnight Mass Season 2 Storyline

A second season of “Midnight Mass” would likely contain a slew of new characters, given that the majority of the show’s primary characters were killed off in the season finale. Only Leeza Scarborough (Annarah Cymone) and Warren Flynn (Igby Rigney), the daughter of the town mayor, and an altar boy, remain at the end of Season 1 of “Midnight Mass.”

They might lead a second season as they deal with the events of Crockett Island, or perhaps with the Angel who didn’t definitively die.

The second season of Crockett Island might feature a totally new cast of characters who are unaware of the island’s horrific secrets. The addition of fresh faces to the ensemble of “Midnight Mass” could pave the way for the show’s future as an anthology series or shed light on the island’s origins.

Even if Flanagan were to tweak the show’s setup solely to produce additional content, we shouldn’t be surprised if this is the last we hear from the residents of Crockett Island.

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What’s In Store For Midnight Mass Season 2?

“Midnight Mass” had a few unanswered questions by the series finale, but not enough to warrant a whole new season of the show’s fan-favorite series.

As we’ve seen in previous seasons of “Midnight Mass,” we’ve met a variety of interesting personalities, gotten to the bottom of several mysteries, and found a satisfying ending for most of the town’s residents.

Also, because the show was only approved for seven episodes, the writers knew they had to tell the tale in that amount of time, and they succeeded admirably.

Since Leeza and Warren are the only two people that made it off Crockett Island alive, a second season following their stories after the events of the first would make sense. Even though they’ve been through so much, they may choose to fight back against the Angel or move on with their life.

It doesn’t matter which one, those two are the most likely candidates for a possible Midnight Mass Season 2.

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The Ending

In the meanwhile, Netflix hasn’t confirmed whether the horror would return for additional episodes, but it is presently described as a one-and-done.

Flanagan has already inked a multi-year overall TV deal with the streamer that includes upcoming projects The Midnight Club and Something are Killing the Children, so we wouldn’t normally count on a renewal.

However, Flanagan’s next project, an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s 1839 short story The Fall of the House of Usher, was unveiled last month and is currently in production.

“I can’t wait for this series to begin… “It’s like nothing else we’ve ever done,” Flanagan tweeted when the project was unveiled.

Roger Corman’s House of Usher (1960) and two silent cinema adaptations of the short story, both filmed in 1928, have already been transformed into films. Mike Flanagan is a fan of gothic fiction, so this sounds like a book he’d like reading.

An unnamed narrator makes his way to the Usher mansion to see his buddy Roderick Usher, who shares the residence with his ailing sister Madeline and a host of other relatives.

When Madeline dies and Roderick decides to bury her in the family tomb inside the home, things begin to go awry.

And with that, we conclude our spoiler-free preview of Flanagan’s adaptation of the famous tale.


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