Knights of Sidonia Season 3: Release Date, Renewal Status and More

Knights of Sidonia Season 3

Netflix surprised anime lovers by adding the popular series Knights of Sidonia to their anime lineup.

This anime is a Netflix Original series based on Tsutomu Nihei’s manga series “Knights of Sidonia.” Since Season 2 of Knights of Sidonia aired five years ago, fans have been eagerly anticipating news of Season 3 since they like the program so much.

Netflix’s first animated Original series was Knights of Sidonia. Despite the fact that the series is not entirely “original,” Netflix has licensed it for international distribution on its platform. Unfortunately, the animation is no longer accessible on Netflix due to a loss of copyright earlier this year.

The issue now is whether or not there will be a third season of Knights of Sidonia. To learn more about this, keep reading.

Knights of Sidonia Season 3 Release Date

In 2017, Polygon Pictures director Hiroyuki Seshita revealed that a third season is in the works, and Funimation bought the streaming rights to both seasons from Netflix in July 2021.

Six years have passed since the conclusion of Season 2, and fans of Knights of Sidonia have been eagerly anticipating Season 2. Fans seem to be upset with the manga’s conclusion, but they still want to witness the clashes in an animated version.

Some fans had had enough of waiting for updates and went out of their way to write Polygon Pictures regarding a Season 3, to which they received this response.

Knights of Sidonia Season 3 Storyline

The narrative begins in 3394, thousands of years after civilization was decimated by the Gauna, a species of shapeshifting aliens, and humanity has abandoned the Earth. For their survival, the last people have boarded hundreds of spaceships.

The ship Sidonia, with a population of 500,000 people, is one of these ships; they are the last humans remaining since the location and state of the other ships are unknown.

Sidonia is guarded by weapons known as Gardes, who have unique spears that can rip through Gauna’s core and kill them. Nagate Tanikaze, a Garde pilot who has lived in Sidonia’s subterranean territory since infancy, is the protagonist of the anime.

His grandpa raised him, and every day he exercises in an antique Guardian pilot suit, which he quickly learns. Nagate climbs to the higher tier of Sidonia in quest of food when his grandpa dies, but Sidonia is invaded by Gaunas, inflicting enormous human death. However, thanks to Nagate Tanikaze and the human-Gauna hybrid Tsumugi Shiraui, mankind momentarily defeats them.

Nagate was chosen as a Guardian pilot after the assault.

Nagate, together with his fellow troops Shizuka Hoshijiro, Yuhata Midorikawa, and Izana Shinatose, must confront Gauna and destroy them in order to save mankind.

Season 2 takes place ten years after Guana’s raid. People are living in peace, and Nagate is hailed as a Sidonian hero. Tsumugi begins to recognize her affections for Nagate. However, as Captain Kobayashi has always said, as long as the Gauna remain alive, mankind will never be able to attain peace.

As a result, the choice is taken to engage Gauna in the last struggle for the destiny of humanity’s remaining survivors.

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So, what’s the deal with Polygon Pictures?

The studio stayed functioning after the first two seasons were completed. Lost in Oz, Pingu in the City, Star Wars Resistance, Big Hero 6: The Series, and Plaza Effect were among the projects on which it collaborated.

Knights of Sidonia: The Movie was released in 2015, and Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven in the Stars will be published on June 4, 2021. Pacific Rim: The Black is presently in production.

Will There Be Knights of Sidonia Season 3?

Knights of Sidonia has been a popular anime since its premiere, according to Google Trends. Its manga was so popular that it reached #47 on the Oricon Charts on October 30, 2013, with about 20,934 copies sold.

Hideo Kojima, Digitarou, Yoshinao Dao, and Akiko Higashimura, all well-known figures of the Japanese animation industry, gave excellent reviews to the film.

Furthermore, the director had said in 2017 that the third season in development would have been sufficient to guarantee a third season.

However, things changed when the director of Polygon Pictures revealed that their film Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven in the Stars, rather than a Season 3, will be published to end the tale.

“The Sidonia is finally concluding its trip,” the director said. I’d be grateful if I could spend these last moments with the numerous Cydonia supporters.”

Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven in the Stars was published on June 4, 2021, and because it completed the tale and the manga ended in September 2015, a third season is unlikely to be broadcast.

Knights of Sidonia Season 3 will not be published since the sequel film has officially completed the tale.

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Final Thoughts

There will be no Season 3 since the whole tale of Knights of Sidonia has been covered by the previous seasons and then closed by the final movie, as well as the manga, and there is no storyline available for it.

The movie was hurried since it covered too many chapters of the manga, therefore if a Season 3 is made, it would most likely present the same narrative as “Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven the Stars” in more detail.


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