Joe Exotic Hiv: Aggressive Cancer’ Patient Pleading for Release from Prison

Joe Exotic, star of Tiger King, has come forward to discuss his battle with a particularly aggressive form of cancer.

The former zoo owner addressed his colleagues via Instagram on Wednesday, disclosing his disturbing diagnosis. Joe, 58, joked that his co-star and opponent, Carole Baskin, will be happy to hear of his health problems.

The reality TV star has also requested an early release from prison so he can get the treatment he needs to defeat cancer.

Through a representative, Joe shared the following statement: “Everyone, It is with a sad face that I have to inform you the doctors called me in today to break the news that my prostate biopsy came back with an aggressive malignancy.”

Which one of you knows who Joe Exotic’s first husband was?


Although Tiger King fans are certainly aware that Joe frequently changes romantic partners, they may be less familiar with the life and death of Brian Rhyne, Joe’s first husband, who passed away in 2001.

During the show, Joe revealed, “I met Brian when I was doing security at [gay bar] The Round-Up, and he was a customer.”

“We dated for a while and got married, and were together for 16 years,” Joe said in an interview published in the Intelligencer in 2019.

The magazine claims that Joe and Brian met in the mid-1980s and soon after moved into a trailer together in Arlington, TX, where they began to resemble one another “with mullets and horseshoe mustaches and dressed in jeans and boots.”

They tied the knot as well, even though it was against the law.

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According to Jeff Lowe, Joe Exotic regularly lied about having HIV.

The events that occurred after Joe Exotic sold the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park to Jeff Lowe were the primary subject of the first season of Tiger King.

In 2016, following a disagreement with his former business partner, Jeff took full control of the zoo. Afterward, he stated that Joe Exotic had forced him into purchasing the business.

Jeff claimed that in order to convince him to buy the zoo, Joe Exotic lied to him about being HIV positive.

According to his statement in the Daily Mail, “Joe not only informed us he was HIV positive on many occasions but told several other people.” Joe then used this information to scam money from his victims. In the absence of malignancy, the diagnosis would be HIV.

The truth was that he had CIVD.

Joe Exotic had a sickness labeled as a chronic infectious viral disease (CIVD), but he was never infected with HIV.

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CVD is an autoimmune disease that is very similar to HIV but is not transmitted sexually.

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According to jow lowe


A letter was written by Dillon Passage’s wife to her husband in 2020 reads, “As most people know I was born with CVID, not Covid-19, and hemogamaglobinanemia and required blood infusions every 4 weeks.”

The guy went on to allege that he was dying because he was being refused proper medical attention in prison.

I have no appetite, my wounds never heal, and I feel my death approaching. This is the same as a death sentence for me. My hope has perished, and I have to battle every day to hold on to what little I have left,” he continued.

According to the Daily Mail, Jeff Lowe said that whenever Joe sought medical attention for his CVID, he lied and claimed he had cancer, HIV, or another serious illness.

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