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Is Sara Haines Expecting a Fourth Child at This Time?

Our heroine, Sara Hilary Haines, is a well-known American TV journalist. She has been a co-host of several ABC shows, including The View, Strahan, Sara, Keke, and The Chase. Various morning shows, including Today, ABC News Morning, and Good Morning America, have featured her.

Sara Haines is not pregnant, and she is not the mother


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Sara uploaded a photo of herself and TV personality Antoni Porowski from the GLSEN Respect Awards on May 17 on Instagram. She wore a beautiful blue dress and had her hair tied back.

An admirer asked, “Sara, are you pregnant again?” after noticing the optical illusion caused by Sara’s outfit. But it’s ridiculous to assume a woman’s pregnancy based on how she’s dressed.

It’s hardly the first time a celebrity’s look has led to cheating rumors. Since Sara has not provided an official statement as of this writing, we cannot advise you on how to proceed.

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A lot of people seem to think Sara Haines is pregnant, but no one can really say for sure.

It’s important to her that nobody keeps pressing the issue. Sadly, Sara keeps having to answer this question every few months. For what reason is that? In any case, since her job necessitates her presence on television, she is always being followed by fans.

To add insult to injury, not everyone can read a room and/or is kind. It’s safe to assume that Sara will have to deal with social media comments and queries about whether or not she is pregnant if she ever wears an outfit that some viewers may deem unflattering.

Weird, huh? In March 2020, when Sara was still nursing her third kid with her husband Max Shifrin, she addressed this very issue. She responded to online bullies who made fat jokes about her by deleting their Instagram accounts.

“After three pregnancies, I’ve learned to accept my postpartum body, belly, and all. Asking a lady whether she is pregnant is NOT acceptable. It’s a touchy subject, and you never know the path someone else may be on. Saying someone appears pregnant is also a form of body shaming “caption she said she wrote in

Sara makes a really valid argument regarding the inappropriateness of questioning females about their bodies. It’s best practice to avoid assuming someone is pregnant or asking about it if they haven’t spoken anything about it.

Insight into Her Private Life

Insight into Her Private Life

They have three children together: Sara, who is married to lawyer Max Shifrin, and their two sons, Max and Andrew. Alec Richard was born to them in March 2016. A daughter named Sandra Grace was born to the couple in 2017.

Their youngest child, a son named Caleb Joseph, was born in 2019. Sara has always shared the good news of her pregnancy with the world. It’s safe to assume that if she becomes pregnant again (which is not the situation at present), she’ll follow the same practices.

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