Tiger Woods' Ex Says He Owes Her Millions for Locking Her Out of His Home

‘Tiger Woods’ Ex-Girlfriend Says He Owes Her $30 Million Because He Locked Her out Of His House After They Broke Up.

The conflict between Tiger Woods and his ex-girlfriend continues.

Erica Herman asked a court to throw out the non-disclosure agreement she signed with the professional golfer when they first started dating in 2017. She brought up a law that says NDAs can be broken if someone is sexually assaulted.

Now, court papers from the lawsuit she filed right after they broke up in October have been found, and PEOPLE got them on Wednesday.

In the filing, one of the defendants, Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust, asks for an arbitrator to hear Herman’s lawsuit. Herman says in her claims that she and the trust made a deal over the phone that let her stay in Woods’ home for another five years.

Lawyers for the trust say that Herman was only allowed to live in the house while she was dating Woods. The athlete, who is 47 years old, lives there with his two children with his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren. After Woods broke up with Herman in October, she was told she had to move out.

Tiger Woods' Ex Says He Owes Her Millions for Locking Her Out of His Home

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“This lawsuit was Ms. Herman’s answer to the breakup,” the lawyers said. Herman says she is owed $30 million because the trust’s employees broke the oral agreement when they “locked her out of the Residence, took her belongings, and told her she couldn’t come back.” Herman also said that she had “misspent” more than $40,000 in cash.

According to the court documents, Herman is suing for consequential damages, injunctive relief, and attorney fees under the Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act.

People asked Woods’s representatives for a comment, but they didn’t get back to us right away.

The lawyers for the trust also say that Herman “is required” by the NDA, which was attached to the filing, to settle any problems she has with Woods through confidential arbitration. But Herman wants to argue his claims in a “public forum,” so he is suing Woods’ trust instead of Woods himself.

Tiger Woods' Ex Says He Owes Her Millions for Locking Her Out of His Home

Woods wants the claims to be heard by an arbitrator, who he hopes will decide that Herman never had an oral agreement about the home and that she is not owed any damages.

The trust’s lawyers also asked for the case to be put on hold until the arbitration dispute is resolved. They sent an edited copy of the NDA with a note that any disagreements between Herman and Woods had to be settled by arbitration. On August 9, 2017, both of them signed the agreement.

People tried to get in touch with Herman’s lawyers but did not hear back right away. Herman says in her own filing that the NDA should be thrown out because of the Speak Out Act, which protects people who have been sexually assaulted or harassed.

According to the documents, Woods and Herman “knew each other for a long time” and worked together and got along well. The complaint says that Herman says she doesn’t know what other details about her life she can talk about or with whom.

The report says that Herman has not said anything bad about Woods.

Tiger Woods' Ex Says He Owes Her Millions for Locking Her Out of His Home

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Herman, who used to run a restaurant, was first linked to Woods romantically when she was seen with him at the Presidents Cup in New Jersey in September 2017. Herman wore a badge that was only for the girlfriends and wives of players at the tournament, where Woods was an assistant captain for the U.S. team.

Over the years, Herman has been at the course every time Woods has played. But other than that, the couple has stayed very private over the years, which is a big difference from Woods’s previous relationship with Lindsey Vonn and his marriage to and divorce from Nordegren, both of which were very public.

They rarely went out in public for things that weren’t golf, but they did go to the 2022 US Open together to cheer on Serena Williams. Herman doesn’t have a social media presence either, and since October 2017, he has only been on Woods’ Instagram three times.

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