Are Phoebe and Mitch Still Together?

Are Phoebe And Mitch Still Together? The Latest Update On Their Relationship!

The fourth season of “Love Island Australia” did not hold back when it came to introducing unique characters and genuine tension. There were several shocking revelations, as well as the return of the previously victorious pair Mitch and Tina. The fans’ favorite couple, Mitchell Eliot and Phoebe Spiller, who was a delight to see together, didn’t even make it out of the first round.

The idea of the show is the same as previous Love Island adaptations: a group of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes (the “islanders”) spend a week in isolation at a mansion in the hopes of meeting someone special. In order to stay in the Villa and compete, the contestants frequently “couple up” throughout the season. Votes from Australia will help the islanders keep the Villa.

As elderly islanders are cast off, new ones will move into the Villa. The path Mitchell and Phoebe traveled was anything from straight, but despite this, the two seemed deep in love. After the season finale, when everything has calmed down, viewers want to know where their relationship stands between them. Everything you wanted to know about the couple’s romantic situation is right here.

Are Phoebe and Mitch Still Together?

Sure enough, Mitchell Eliot and Phoebe are still together and better than ever. After filming wrapped on Season 4, the two were frequently sighted out and about together. Their admirers have done it all, from tracking them on beaches to trying to see Mitch in Phoebe’s friends’ photos to trying to figure out if the female in a TikTok video with him was Phoebe or not.

Are Phoebe and Mitch Still Together?

Okay, we get it; the couple couldn’t leave the house until the show had finished airing. The days of rumors can finally be put to rest, as the couple is obviously over heels in love and isn’t hesitant to show it. Although Mitch and Phoebe came in second place on “Love Island” behind Austen and Claudia, they got the ultimate reward of each other forever.

They continue to display their affection for one another by posting cute and cuddly selfies together or sharing photos of them celebrating special occasions such as Christmas with the Spiller family, going on a yacht trip, going on beach car dates, going on random date nights, and celebrating Phoebe’s birthday.

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Mitch and Tina’s Journey at Love Island

Before appearing on ‘Love Island Australia,’ Mitchell Eliot worked as a personal trainer for three different ladies. He was a prankster with a kind heart who had recently relocated to Sydney, Australia from Auckland, New Zealand. He disclosed that his one and only meaningful relationship ended in heartbreak and that he has since settled for casual hookups.

Are Phoebe and Mitch Still Together?

However, Phoebe Spiller spent her formative years on a farm in Victoria before making her way to Sydney. She studied fashion at university and worked at a boutique in the hopes of one day becoming a major player in the business. Phoebe admitted those blonde football players were her typical suitors, but that she was open to new experiences at the villa.

That she did this by dating Mitchell. They have been a couple from the very first episode of season 4. They had some problems, such as when Phoebe had a crush on a bombshell named Mitch. But those problems are typical of any couple (season 3 winner). However, the time Mitch let another female unbutton his pants for a Truth or Dare game and supposedly injured Phoebe’s feelings was clearly the most contentious.

Are Phoebe and Mitch Still Together?

Amidst all the upheaval, Mitch and Phoebe managed to become an official couple on the show. During their Declaration of Love, they told each other how much they loved them and kissed passionately. Some viewers still weren’t convinced despite seeing all that and claimed the two were “just in it to win it.” Is there any truth to the rumors, or has the pair disproved the rumors?

Love Island Australia Plot

The contestants on Love Island are known as Islanders and spend their time in a private villa where they are constantly monitored by cameras. Producers may only send them text messages about upcoming events and activities.

Are Phoebe and Mitch Still Together?

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Whether out of love, friendship, necessity, or financial gain, each Islander must team up with another Islander in the Villa; the winning couple receives $50,000. The Islanders are “re-coupled” during the series, giving them the opportunity to stay together or swap partners, however, they are initially paired on the first day based on first impressions.

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