Is Noah Thompson Single

Is Noah Thompson Single: In the wake of his ‘American Idol’ victory, details about his personal life have emerged.

Noah Thompson had one goal after winning American Idol 2022: he wanted to spend time with his loved ones, particularly his partner Angel Dixon and their young son Walker.

American Idol season 5 (season 20 overall) saw the country music singer exuberantly talk about his fiancée and son, and he’s now back in Kentucky with them.

It was just a few hours later that Angel shared her feelings about Noah winning the singing competition on ABC’s The Voice. On May 23, she posted a series of Instagram images with Noah, Walker, and Noah’s grandmother Karen. And to top it all off, AI judge Katy Perry dropped by for a surprise visit.

After seeing the photos, she responded, “I’m Still Shocked You All,” with the caption. “Oh my god, this is insane!!!” Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering love and support you have offered Noah along the way!! ”

Some Fans Thought the Two Were in a Relationship.

Some of Thompson’s TikTok followers expressed their belief that HunterGirl and Thompson were more than just buddies.

“Why can’t a guy have a FRIEND without being accused of dating her?!?” one user wrote in response to the comments. The emoji for rolling one’s eyes. All they care about is having a good time and making the most of the opportunity… chill.”

In response to Thompson’s remark, “Amen sista,”

So, it looks that the two are merely good friends and not in a relationship at this time. Season 20 of “American Idol” featured numerous mentions of Thompson’s girlfriend, Angel Dixon, with whom he had a son, Walker.

His social media updates have been sparse, but he has spoken about Dixon in his Instagram Lives and she was there at the season finale. A year ago, the pair shared their relationship status on Instagram, but those postings have since been deleted.

is noah thompson single

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Does Noah Thompson have a wife and children?

It was clear from American Idol that Noah had a strong connection to his native state of Kentucky. Walker and his grandmother, Karen, are frequently mentioned in the show.

On the show, Noah had a lot to say “My son, who is now 7 months old, is a minor part of my life. I’m a new dad, and my little baby is my biggest source of motivation. It’s mind-boggling that I’m even here because this might give my son a new life, one that is better.”

Walker has already reached the age of a year and a half, and Noah and his baby mama have been together for at least as long as 2018. Angel Dixon, Noah’s high school love, is his current girlfriend.

Prior to having a baby, they went to the prom as a couple in 2019. Angel has been rooting for Noah throughout American Idol, and now their lives will forever be altered.

is noah thompson single

Angel posted on Instagram just before the finale: “Behind the scenes of all this, the participants work very hard each and every day, making for long days and sleepless nights.

” I’m not going to lie, I’m eagerly awaiting the return of my beloved. “It’s hard to say goodbye to each other, but I have faith in God’s plan.”

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After Noah’s Victory, the Fans Are Ecstatic.

During Friday night’s episode of American Idol 2022, Noah was proclaimed the winner. The final was difficult, but the star prevailed against Leah Marlene and HunterGirl.

To top it all off, Noah performed Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire” in the final. “I think you simply swooped in and grabbed every heart in America,” Katy told him. So, “you’re so selfless.”

is noah thompson single

Noah’s fans have gone to Twitter to congratulate the American Idol winner on his victory. The excitement of one viewer for Noah Thompson’s American Idol victory was “honestly real,” they remarked.

Another remarked, “America got it right! #NoahThompson wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This kid has a bright future. The insane talent this year! My heart swells with joy!

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