Is Kallmekris Single: What We Know About Kallme Kris (kris Collins)

Is Kallmekris Single

Canadian TikTok sensation Kallmekris (real name Kris Collins) rose to fame because of her funny videos posted during the coronavirus epidemic. When Kris’s brother got her to download TikTok, she was shocked by the variety of videos available.

Collins spent three days exploring the site, learning about the many features (including the ability to upload your own videos) before she began making her own content. Her popularity on other social media platforms grew thanks to the exposure she got on TikTok.

In this article, we’ll learn about Kris’s professional and personal history, including her interactions with her fans and the men in her life.

Who Is Kallmekris?

Is Kallmekris Single

KallmeKris, whose true name is Kris Collins, is a social media influencer based in Canada. The Net Line states that she was a hairstylist until her brother persuaded her to try out the app.

She is the second oldest of her six siblings and was born in 1996. KallmeKris used to be a hairstylist on the sets of Riverdale until she relocated to Tiktok. She stated this during a Q&A in August 2020.

After embarrassing herself in front of a client, she finally decided to call it quits as a hairdresser. She started using TikTok as a means of making a living after the outbreak.

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After the coronavirus outbreak prompted Kris to close her hair salon, she began sharing videos on TikTok.

In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Canadian government enacted strict quarantine regulations, forcing Kris to give up her career as a hairstylist. After being persuaded by her brother to give TikTok a try, Kris quickly fell in love with it.

Before TikTok, Collins had always wanted to be a comedian and content creator, but she never had the courage to pursue her ambitions.

With time on her hands and a camera phone, Collins started sharing lip-syncing comedy clips with smart captions and humorous facial expressions. Kris gained the confidence to write her own skits as her fan base developed.

In her first self-made skit, she pretended to be her mom, and as she told Vancouver Is Awesome, people appreciated it.

Kris comes up with his ideas by coming up with a skit and then modifying it for use on TikTok.

A vampire-obsessed 12-year-old her, a Boston bro-dude named Chad, an exhausted mother, and a toddler with tiny hands are some of her most well-known alter egos. The naughty little toddler with the little hands has the most followers on TikTok.

Kris’s brand now includes the toddler’s small hands, which have inspired a “little hands” trend. Kris told Vancouver Is Awesome that she had doesn’t understand how she got TikTok popular.

“I still don’t comprehend it every time I reach a new milestone, but I cherish it nonetheless,” she said. Collins values TikTok because it allowed her to share her artistic vision with the world.

I certainly didn’t sign up for TikTok with the intention of becoming a viral sensation. Just to kill time, I guess, but then this occurred. Even as a kid, I was obsessed with comedy and imagined a career as a stand-up performer. It’s nice that I now have places to express my creativity now that all this stuff is happening.

Kris is a certified TikTok celebrity, but she is scared that the fame can fade gone as fast as it came. But she intends to “surf the wave” for as long as possible. She explained:

“I just take it down to [the fact that] the algorithm likes me right now, and it might not tomorrow. For now, everything is fantastic, but I might suddenly stop or start losing followers at any time.

I’m really pleased and fortunate and humbled by this whole experience. This would be incredible if it ended tomorrow, but even if it didn’t, the present moment is fantastic.

How Big Is that Tiktok Star’s Following?

Although KallmeKris was relatively new to TikTok, she quickly amassed a sizable fan base. You probably wouldn’t have guessed that KallmeKris has more than 35 million subscribers and has received more than 1.5 billion views.

She primarily produces comedic sketches in which she assumes a variety of personas for laughs. Meanwhile, she’s amassed over 3.35 million YouTube subscribers and over 1.3 million Instagram followers.

She posted an honest account of her struggles with mental health on YouTube a few months ago. She claimed she has been battling with it since high school.

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Net Worth

Is Kallmekris Single


Kris Collins, a famous face on the video-sharing platform TikTok, has amassed a substantial fortune thanks to her successful profession. Some estimates place her wealth in 2022 at around $200,000.

She achieved financial success at a young age. In addition, she has raked in a sizable sum from corporate sponsorships. Her sponsorship earnings are in the region of $1,328.25 and $2,213.75.

Her annual pay is not specified, and it appears to be subject to change. She, too, is clearly enjoying a luxury lifestyle paid for by her successful career.


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