Is Joey Graceffa Single: Is in A Relationship with Daniel Preda, a Fellow Gay Man. Currently Single.

Is Joey Graceffa Single

There will be no more collaboration between Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda. After six years together, the YouTubers announced their breakup on Sunday.

Three months ago, the couple announced their breakup in an emotional 14-minute video, but have continued to live together in the same house. While filming, Preda was moving into a new location.

This has been a difficult decision, Preda told Graceffa, as they both wiped away tears.

“Staying is definitely the more convenient option. That which is best for us both is being pursued, and this is the only way for us to be happy “There was one more. As far as I can tell, “I don’t think one of us has been happy in a long time.”

Because of “what’s going on in the world,” Preda stated their breakup was not a result of it. “Over time, the world just seemed to slow down in anticipation of this and say to itself: “Wake up, B**ch. Focus on yourself,’ advises the narrator “he went on to say.

“Our attention was completely focused on what had been built for the preceding two years without any outside distractions. Finally, with the additional time provided, we were able to examine the issue more closely and reach the following conclusion: “Sharing is caring, as Graceffa demonstrated.

According to the couple’s statement to followers, they are inseparable. Graceffa stated, “We want to stay in each other’s lives and be friends beyond this.” That we can still retain a strong friendship has been proven over the past three months, I believe.

Despite the fact that they are parting up, Graceffa, 29, and Preda, 27, have agreed to look after each other’s pets while the other is away. Graceffa will keep in touch with Preda’s mother and their dogs will enjoy regular playdates. Take a look at the video on this page.

Joey Graceffa came out as gay in what way?

An unconventional method of coming out as gay was used by Joey Graceffa. he uploaded a video on his YouTube account on May 16th, 2015. Titled “Don’t Wait,” this film twirled between fiction and reality. In the beginning, we met a prince and a group of witches and ghouls.

The YouTuber’s long-lost love interest is the latter. When we witness the two kissing in a wilderness, people are surprised, but many take to social media to commend his bravery and support.

Even Tyler Oakley, Oakley’s coworker, tweeted his congratulations. Being gay was a taboo subject in the 30-year-old YouTube star’s birthplace, so it took him some time to come out.

There is a little town called Marlborough in Massachusetts. It is home to a number of religious extremists that reject anything and everyone they consider to be different.

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The breakup of Joey and Daniel was caused by what?

Is Joey Graceffa Single

Joey and Daniel confessed in the video that there was no apparent cause for the breakup—they just mutually decided it wasn’t working out for them anymore.

Aside from the apparent inconvenience, Joey emphasized that he and his wife were making the greatest decision for themselves and their family. “I don’t think either of us has been happy for a long time,” he added.

Even though their parting coincides with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic’s stay-at-home directives, it was not a significant cause of their split.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Daniel added. As if to say, “Wake up, b——h, you need to focus on yourself,” the world slowed down for a moment.

Joey went on to say that their split had been “building up over the last couple of years,” but that the stay-at-home orders had given them the opportunity to face it. It wasn’t until we had more time together that we were able to make the decision, ” he stated.

A Look at Joey Graceffa’s Relationship with Daniel Preda, Her Boyfriend.

Joey and Daniel started dating a year before Joey’s public debut on YouTube. On Instagram, Daniel’s photos caught the attention of a well-known television personality.

He was drawn to the stranger and decided to pursue his interests further by following him. Daniel returned the writer’s favor, much to his joy.

After exchanging phone numbers, they began a regular conversation that finally led to a date. Everything had to be kept under wraps in the beginning.

At the time, Joey had not yet made his public debut. He was worried about the reaction he could get from his family and friends back home. A little over a year after they began dating, Joey Graceffa decided to come out publicly.

He accomplished so in a magnificent manner, even including his lover in the video.

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2021, who is the girlfriend of Joey Graceffa at this time?

Is Joey Graceffa Single

Daniel Preda is Joey Graceffa’s current boyfriend. They’ve been together for almost seven years. Both Preda and Joey are native Bostonians, but Preda is two years younger than Joey and a much more well-known Instagram star in their circles.

When it comes to modeling, Preda is represented by Elite and Model Maggie Inc. He spends a lot of time on social media. To keep up with his daily posts and stories, you may follow him on Instagram under the name @misterpreda.

Joey Graceffa frequently features Daniel Preda in his video blog articles and music videos as a writer/producer, model, and occasional actor. The first time we saw Preda on the internet was on Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter in June of 2009.

Additionally, on Valentine’s Day 2016, a gay couple came out to the public about their romance. However, they had been covertly seeing each other for nearly a year before that.


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