Is Jason Derulo Single

Is Jason Derulo Single: Jena Frumes, Jason Derulo’s Ex-Girlfriend, Says He Cheated on Her “constantly.”

According to Jason Derulo, he and his ex-girlfriend Jena Frumes had a great relationship. However, Frumes claims the opposite to be true.

She has been posting heartbreaking updates about their breakup on social media. She accused Derulo of infidelity, just like his previous spouse.

Jennifer Frumes and Jason Derulo have broken up.

Is Jason Derulo Single

Derulo, 32, confirmed the breakup with Frumes on Thursday, roughly five months after the birth of their son Jason King. In March of 2020, they became a couple.

I’m breaking up with Jena, as Derulo tweeted. “She is an incredible mom, but we believe that being apart at this time will allow us to be the greatest people and parents we can be.”

Please respect our privacy at this time, he said at the end of the email. Frames and Derulo have the same birthday and recently spent it in Aspen, Colorado, where Frumes dedicated a touching message to the musician.

“I feel fortunate to have been born on the same day as my beloved. The model gushed over Derulo on Wednesday, calling him “the most attractive, industrious, talented, hilarious, loving human ever.”

I can’t thank you enough for completing me as you have. You and our little one are the reasons I smile every day, and I can’t wait to create more memories with you both.

She then on, “I know I’m a tough cookie but you make me soft and accept me for who I am and I will be eternally grateful to you for that.” Here’s to the next 12 months! All my love is for you, always and ever.

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How long have Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes been broken up?

Jason Derulo announced the breakup with girlfriend Jena Frumes on September 23, 2021, via social media.

The artist announced their split from Jena on Twitter. “She’s a fantastic mom, but we both want to focus on becoming the best people and parents we can be right now, and we think that will happen if we spend some time apart.

He added, “Pls respect our privacy at this time.”

In a recent Instagram post, she ripped on him.

When a woman on Instagram called Frumes out for being a single mother, she took to Instagram Stories to set the record straight. Things haven’t been as easy as Derulo made them sound.

We had hoped to get married, so it’s bad things didn’t work out, but maybe it’s better to be single than to be in a relationship where you’re constantly being disrespected, cheated on, and lied to.

Is it preferable to stay and keep silent if it means gaining the approval of individuals who think as you do, she said, as reported by The Jasmine Brand?

She went on to say that while it’s not ideal, she won’t settle for anything less than a happy, healthy family and gave further details about Derulo’s alleged infidelity. If a man values women more than his own family, I can’t tolerate it.

There’s no way we can make it “happy.” The phrase “turn the other cheek” was uttered at me in no uncertain terms. I will never accept sharing the love of the one person I care about more than myself.

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The reason for Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes’s split.

Is Jason Derulo Single

It was unclear at the time why the pair had decided to end their relationship. Instagram deleted Jena’s birthday message to the singer.

Previously, it stated: “To the one and only @jasonderulo, happy birthday! Our birthdays are on the same day, and for that, I am truly blessed.”

Someone once told me, “You are the most gorgeous, hardworking, brilliant, silly, loving human ever. She said, “You genuinely complete me, and I am eternally grateful for the love we share.”

I’m the happiest girl in the world because of you and our mini, and I can’t wait to build more memories with you both, Jena added.

“You soften me up and accept me for who I am, and for that, I will be eternally thankful. To the next twelve months! With all my heart, I will always adore you.”

Jason and Jena welcomed their first child together in May 2021, a few months after they shared the news of their pregnancy in March.

Co-parenting with Jena, according to Jason, is “wonderful,” as he told People in November 2021. To paraphrase what Derulo told People, “it’s a lovely thing [that we can support each other], especially considering our new relationship: co-parenting.”

“We don’t care if others are confused about our situation since our circumstance is our situation,” she said. In addition, the singer stated, “We love [our baby] more than anything, and his wellness is incredibly important to us.”

“I care deeply about her happiness and do what I can to help her thrive. She’s very important to me. Even though many would have you believe otherwise, you and I have an incredible connection.”

Jena shared a retrospective of her year on Instagram on December 31 with the caption: “Wow, what a year it has been! Hello, 2022.”

The video chronicled the year with clips of Jason, their son, her pregnancy, and their friends. Jena gave some context to her breakup with her ex-boyfriend Jason on July 1, 2022.

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