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Is Gwen Really Expecting Her Fourth Newborn Baby at 53!

A lot of people think country musician Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, who got married over a year ago, are going to start a new project together. Sources say this is Gwen’s fourth pregnancy, but her first with Blake.

Red carpet appearances at October 26’s NYWICI Matrix Awards may have suggested a pregnancy, however, neither party has commented on the rumors. Kingston, 16, Zuma, 14, and Apollo, 8 are Stefani’s children from a previous marriage.

Even if Shelton does not yet have any biological children of his own, that could change in the future. Gwen’s recent exuberant style nailed the holiday season with a garment that was equal parts daring and merry.

She wore a gold string bikini over her swimsuit and finished off her look with a pair of black stiletto boots. While she proudly stood for the camera, her rendition of “Jingle Bells” set the mood for the season.

Fans were divided on how they felt about her new look, with some speculating that Gwen was pregnant. Others, though, argued that she was only trying to put on weight to have a “country” appearance.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that she looked stunning in her costume for the first half of The Voice finale, and many viewers couldn’t help but gush over her beauty.

Is Gwen Stefani, coach on “The Voice,” expecting a child?

On Friday, the Rich Girl songstress posted a new cooking video to Instagram, where she has over 15 million followers. She wore oversized garments for the video. While decorating her gingerbread cookies for the holidays, Gwen wore a slouchy hoodie.

This sparked speculation that the singer might be pregnant and covering her stomach with a large hoodie to avoid attention. ‘Weet Gingerbread!! had such a wonderful baking wknd with @blakeshelton + the fam,’ she said in the video’s description.

Stefani can be seen in the video standing in her kitchen and telling the camera, “As we know, I have a holiday record called You Make Me Feel Like Christmas and I have a song that I created with Blake Shelton.”

Next, he continued, “In the song, we talk about sweet gingerbread and I’m nearly ready to try to bake some.” While preparing the cookie dough, Gwen wore a loose-fitting navy blue hoodie.

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Gwen was frustrated because she couldn’t get a positive pregnancy test.

Anyone who has had in vitro fertilization (IVF) will tell you that it can be extremely taxing on your body and mind, and the singer was no different. After several unsuccessful tries, physicians reportedly ordered Gwen to “give her body a break.” That must have been really upsetting for Blake as well as Gwen.

Speculation has long circulated that Shelton and Stefani have considered surrogacy.

Speculation has long circulated that Shelton and Stefani have considered surrogacy. 

Stefani’s possible pregnancy rumors aren’t the first time she and Shelton have been linked to rumors of starting a family. A source informed HollywoodLife in July 2021 that the couple was exploring their possibilities for starting a family.

The information source claimed that the couple was “open” to the idea of using a surrogate to have a child. “Gwen and Blake are looking into all of their reproductive possibilities. Surrogacy is an option they are seriously considering.

They realize that having a child due to Gwen’s age will be challenging, but they still hope to start a family together.” Following consultations with multiple “medical professionals,” the insider claimed that Stefani and Shelton were eager to “make this happen… sooner than later.”

“They expect a positive outcome but realize that getting there won’t be simple. Both Gwen and Blake are desperate for a daughter.” Nonetheless, in July 2022, a source revealed to OK! Magazine that Shelton and Stefani had “given up on their dream of having a baby.”

They said that Stefani and Shelton were content with their three sons from a previous relationship and saw no reason to start a family of their own.

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Gwen Stefani, at the age of 53, is expecting Blake Shelton’s child.

Gwen Stefani, at the age of 53, is expecting Blake Shelton's child.

Gwen Stefani’s pregnancy status remains unknown. However, Gwen Stefani’s pregnancy with Blake Shelton’s child at 53 has been called into question by various publications. According to, Gwen and Blake are excited to become parents and welcome a new member to their family.

While Gwen Stefani’s pregnancy has been rumoured, there is now concrete proof that she is indeed expecting. She has made no public announcement about being pregnant with her fourth kid. She is indeed pregnant, as has been confirmed by her very own husband, Blake.

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