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Is Luca Evans Gay and Who Is He Married To?

After dating art director Rafael Olarra for 18 months, Luke Evans is currently alone. He has not yet tied the knot or fathered any children, but he has expressed a desire to do so in recent interviews.

For “The Pembrokeshire Murders,” Evans takes on the role of Steve Wilkins, a Welsh investigator who is intent on cracking the case. BritBox will premiere all three episodes of the series on Tuesday, February 2, 2021.

Premiering on ITV on January 21, 2021, it aired over the course of three consecutive evenings in the United Kingdom. As Cooper, Keith Allen brings his acting chops to the table. Evans’s role is inspired by a historical figure.

Luke Evans: A Brief Life History

Luke Evans: A Brief Life History

Born on April 15, 1979, in Pontypool, Wales to parents Yvonne and David Evans, Luke is the couple’s only child. Growing up in the peaceful town of Aberbargoed, he was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, but he abandoned the religion at the age of sixteen.

In order to study voice with Louise Ryan, Evans moved to Cardiff. Soon after, he received a scholarship to attend the London Studio Centre, where he completed his training and graduated in 2000.

Evans has openly been gay since he gave an interview to the UK publication Gay Times in the early 2000s.

Despite his desire to keep his personal life under wraps, he reportedly had relationships with Argentine art director Rafael Olarra and Colombian actor Victor Turpin in the late 2010s. In an interview from the year 2021, Evans expressed his hope to start a family.

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Luke has shared candid details of his past relationships and life in the film industry.

When Luke accepted the Virgin Atlantic Attitude “Man of the Year” Award in 2020, he did so with much modesty. Quote from the actor: “In retrospect, I realize that I may not have come off as the confident homosexual man that others had envisioned.

But if you ask me, all I was doing was forging my own unique course. In other words, I’m going to avoid stepping on anybody else’s footprints by forging my own way.”

He made a joke about how many people were surprised to learn that a gay actor had played the villain in Fast and Furious 6. After the release of Fast & Furious 6 in theatres in 2013, rumors began to circulate that Luke was dating Spanish model Jon Kortajarena.

In his remarks accepting the award, Luke expressed his desire to let the LGBTQ+ community know it was not alone.

I believe I brought hope to LGBTQ+ individuals, young and old, around the world who may not have been able to come out, who struggle with it, or perhaps in part of the world where it is illegal [to come out],” Luke said after discussing his decision to forge his own path.

He wished that the visibility of gay actors like himself in Hollywood would inspire those who were struggling. And he went on to say “I pray that the lessons I learn on my journey will inspire them. That they realize they’re not peculiar, and that there are millions of others like them all across the world.”

Luke stressed that “who we are, what we are, and who we love” had little bearing on one’s “abilities, desires, and capabilities.”

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It’s the Pembrokeshire Murder Casefiles

It's the Pembrokeshire Murder Casefiles

The 11th of January, 2021 marked the premiere of The Pembrokeshire Murders on ITV. Three nights of the series will be dedicated to the narrative of serial killer John Cooper and the police investigation that led to his conviction.

Particularly horrifying is the example of John Cooper, a serial killer who went on the quiz show Bullseye about a month before he murdered two people on Pembrokeshire’s famous seaside promenade.

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