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Fans Are Surprised to Hear that Erin Napier Is Pregnant!

Fans of Home Town who wonder if Erin Napier is expecting again have something to hear from her. Erin Napier is a familiar name to most people who like watching home improvement programs.

She contributes to giving individuals in their tiny hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, their ideal living spaces as one of the stars of the HGTV smash show Home Town (which she co-hosts with her husband, Ben), and she does it almost invariably with a wide grin and a lot of enthusiasm.

Fans are aware that she doesn’t hesitate to speak up on social media when she thinks that someone is being unfair, rude, or just plain unpleasant. After her fans began speculating about whether or not she was re-pregnant, the renovation guru recently clapped back.

Viewers of HGTV respond to Erin’s pregnancy

She is a gorgeous pregnant Erin, one viewer said on Erin’s most recent Instagram image, while another questioned: “She preggo w bb #3?” And they are not the only viewers who believed the HGTV personality would be pregnant once more.

Many others praised her for looking “beautiful” while carrying a pregnancy bulge on the show. “Erin, I adore seeing you in every episode,” one person commented. You are great for working this late in your pregnancy, in my opinion.

Another person offered their encouragement: “Never feel bad about working when pregnant. demonstrates our resilience.

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Is Erin from Home Town expecting once more?

No, Erin is not expecting again, but she did appear to be carrying a baby in the most recent episodes. Actually, some of the Home Town Season 6 episodes were actually shot during Season 5, while she was pregnant.

This indicates that throughout the new episodes, she was expecting her second child with Ben. On Instagram, she wrote: Please be patient with me as I am still extremely pregnant with Mae in these episodes; she was due in 3–4 weeks for the following 2 reveals!

She also stated to a perplexed follower on Instagram:

Although we officially shot it during season 5, the episodes were postponed so we could take maternity leave, so it’s all brand-new.

Last season, Erin Napier faced pregnancy rumors.

It’s not the first time that viewers have pondered whether Erin Napier was carrying Helen and Mae’s younger sibling. According to Reality Tidbit, during “Home Town” season 6 last year, viewers saw Erin had a baby bulge in some of the shows and were perplexed because they recalled her being pregnant with Mae in season 5 one year earlier.

Erin Napier Discusses Motherhood Honestly!

Erin Napier, a television actress, is talking openly about parenthood and how it may occasionally be a difficult path, despite the fact that it can be rewarding. The Home Town actress had previously discussed her experience with a “Time of Sorrow” during her second pregnancy.

Erin Napier described how she and her husband, Ben, were struggling to accept that their three-person household would no longer function in the same manner and that their oldest daughter, Helen, is now four years old.

Erin continued by stating that she was simply lamenting the end of their time as a three-person family and reflecting on how things would never be the same. Recall feeling a great deal of guilt for experiencing anything other than unadulterated joy and exhilaration at that moment.

I had previously miscarried, and I was so eager to have this child.

You Go, Trolls! Every time, Erin Napier from the hometown has responded

You Go, Trolls! Every time, Erin Napier from the hometown has responded

“Two very different men helped each other out. Two men who were more familiar with her than any of us were. Siblings do that; they are able to recall details and preserve family histories. And that’s what we wanted for Helen,” she said.

“Someone to support her someday when we can’t. Additionally, she will now have a cousin who will arrive a few weeks after her. We are really grateful. Even when we are enjoying ourselves, I am considering the prospective parents who are expecting their own children.

I pray for courage for you if you are now experiencing what may be a very lengthy and challenging road for many. Despite how difficult it may be, God responds in His own time rather than in ours. Sending you all so much love right now.

Additionally, the Home Town program airing on Sunday night disclosed the news about the former college sweethearts. Ben and Erin share their news with their family, disclosing that their due dates are only three weeks apart when Ben’s brother learns that he and his wife are pregnant.

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2021 Celebrity Babies: Check Out Which Stars Had Children

She stated in the show that “our family is increasing all of a sudden.” The HGTV stars exclusively talked to Us in January 2021 about the prospect of having more children. When asked about it, the Home Town: Ben’s Workshop actor responded, “We’ve talked about it, but we kind of placed that in God’s hands.”

“With Helen, it happened even though we weren’t attempting to conceive. If God intends it for us, it will take place once more.

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