Is David Muir Single

Is David Muir Single: Previously Heard Relationship Rumors and Now to Which Person Does David Muir’s Partnership Belong?

To say that David Muir, the host of ABC’s World News Tonight, is a remarkable representative of the new American journalism generation would be an understatement.

The New York native journalist, now 48 years old, has gone a long way on his path to being the most influential journalist of our day.

For ABC’s World News Tonight, Muir has served as both the weekend anchor and a weekday co-anchor. He has filled in as a host for both “Good Morning America” and “Nightline” on ABC.

Muir has won multiple honors for his journalism, including two Emmys and a Peabody.

Is David Muir Single

In addition to his professional activity as a journalist, he is also well-liked for his good looks and charisma. People magazine recognized David Muir as one of the “Sexiest Men Alive” in 2014.

I doubt there were any ’90s ladies who didn’t have a crush on him. The question is, who has won Muir’s affections?

Who is David Muir’s current girlfriend/boyfriend? Take a look below to find out who the dashing journalist is currently seeing and who he has dated in the past.

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In 2022, David Muir is dating who?

The journalist, now 48 years old, has never been married and is currently seeing no one. Although his sexuality is widely assumed to be gay, Muir has never addressed the subject directly.

The rumors began after Muir was spotted out clubbing with ABC News colleague Gio Benitez at a gay bar in New York City on many occasions. Muir has also been linked to model Kevin Scott in the past.

However, Gio Benitez doesn’t hide the fact that he’s gay, and Muir frequently joins Benitez in LGBT-themed activities. They are never apart, so it’s safe to presume they’re dating, even if they’ve never publicly acknowledged their relationship.

The New York-born journalist is now in his late 40s but is still single, childless, and unengaged.

Muir is a very reserved individual. For the time being in 2022, he is currently unattached. No woman has ever been seen with him in a romantic connection.

What’s Up With David Muir’s Sexuality? Sean Marriage and David Muir Are Dating.

David moved on and started dating another gay man shortly after. He was involved in a love triangle with his coworker Sean again. But he never admits that he and Sean are a couple.

His supposed romance with Sean, though, has the media talking. Even though he has often denied media speculation that he and Sean are married, such speculation persists.

There have been rumors that David and Sean are happily married. David and his companion had a great time when they go out. David and Sean’s friendship is currently frosty over social media due to their constant bickering.

David Duris, an anchor for ABC News, is married to his longtime partner, Sean, according to multiple sources. Because of peer pressure, they hid their marriage.

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Is David Muir Gay?

Is David Muir Single

David Muir appeared on the list of People’s Sexiest Man alive in 2014 with the likes of Chris Hemsworth. One year later, he was supposed to be in a relationship with his colleague journalist Gio Benitez.

This news devastated the heart of Muir’s fangirls all around the globe. Media spotted and pictured both of them together multiple times hanging out at gay bars. Many assumptions were formed, but any of them neither confirmed nor rejected any of those rumors.

However, later Benitez cleared all those allegations when he proposed to his boyfriend, Tommy DiDario, in 2015 and got married to him in 2016.

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