Is Dakota Kai Single

Is Dakota Kai Single: Is There a Person of Interest in Her Life? Rumors About Homosexuality Circulate on The Internet.

This NXT star needs to be promoted to the main roster of WWE as soon as possible. The following facts about her may surprise some of her admirers! Wrestler Dakota Kai is top-notch.

In light of the fact that she’s already served her purpose in NXT, it’s odd that she hasn’t made the jump to the main roster. Fans had hoped that she would be promoted to the main roster following the conclusion of her feud with Raquel Gonzalez, but that did not happen.

As a result, Kai returned to NXT Halloween Havoc to snatch the NXT Women’s Championship away from her former closest friend. Keeping her on NXT may be a mistake on WWE’s part.

Kai is a gifted wrestler who has the potential to be a major star on the main roster in the not-too-distant future. On the 23rd of February in the year 2022, Andrew Kelly made the following update: For a long time, Dakota Kai has been one of NXT’s most talked-about stars.

Whatever her role in the ring or in the ring with friends like Tegan Nox and Raquel Gonzalez, she has proven herself to be an outstanding performer, both in the ring and as a plucky underdog who got bulldozed by Shayna Baszler.

Even though her promotion to the main roster has been long delayed, it is still unclear when or if she will make the jump. She’s in her thirties, so it’s time to move her up to the main roster, especially since the women’s division on the main roster is in severe need of a new and fresh face.

How Do I Know If Dakota Kai Is Gay or Not? There is no proof that she is homosexual. Check to see whether she’s dating someone.

Is Dakota Kai Single

Dakota and Raquel Gonzalez were the inaugural winners of the Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic in 2021. However, another aspect of Dakota is under intense study. Her sexual orientation is a hot topic among fans.

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How Is Dakota Kai’s Sexuality? Everything was pointing to Her.

Many rumors circulate about Dokta Kai’s sexual orientation. Shayna Baszler, a fellow wrestler, is said to be dating her, according to the claims.

The Wrestling Bible, a fan-run Facebook group, reported in 2019 that Shayna’s father accidentally revealed that Kai and Baszler had visited him together over the winter of 2018.

Shayna and Dakota have also appeared together on twitch streams. Shayna Baszler, on the other hand, openly declares her sexuality as bisexual. She came to light in 2013 after revealing that she dated both males and women.

The two have yet to acknowledge their relationship, however.

The same can be said about Dakota, who keeps her thoughts regarding her companion’s actions a secret. As a result, drawing any conclusions is unnecessary.

Crowley began performing as Evie in 2007 when he began his professional wrestling career.

Because she is a huge Pokemon fan, she decided to make her ring name something related to the franchise. Before making it to the United States, Crowley competed for a number of independent organizations in both New Zealand and Australia.

Crowley joined Shimmer’s roster in 2013 and has been wrestling ever since. She went on to work for Shine and Stardom Wrestling in the years that followed. She secured a contract with WWE in 2016.

To better reflect her new role in the wrestling ring, she renamed herself Dakota Kai in 2016. She competed in the first My Young Classic but was knocked out in the quarterfinals by Kairi Sane.

He made his debut on NXT in 2017 and went toe-to-toe with Shayna Baszler. He wrestled as a single and tag team competitor for the following two years before joining forces with Tegan Knox to form Team Kicks.

She was a member of Ripley’s team at WarGames in 2019. After an altercation with Tegan Knox, he quit the team. After beating Knox in a street brawl at Takeover Portland, he established a grudge with the latter.

It was Raquel Gonzalez that she sided with. In a long career, the two fought and won many battles. The first Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic was won by Kai and Gonzalez in 2021.

Is engaged to be married

In the meantime, she is unattached. She does not have a boyfriend at the moment. It’s not clear if he has had any previous relationships or engagements. According to our records, he does not have any children.

This month Sports Illustrated sat down with Shayna Baszler and Dakota Kai for an in-depth pro wrestling interview.

It was during his interviews with sports media outlets that the WWE NXT Superstar spoke about themes like missing his family and friends in New Zealand, being the first New Zealand lady to sign with WWE, and more.

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A few highlights from a recent interview with Dakota Kai are shown below.

Is Dakota Kai Single

“I miss my home and my family,” I said. I miss my loved ones. It’s a price I’m willing to pay. It was a challenge for me to relocate here. It was my ring that I gave up in order to make the sacrifice.” It’s the same as how things are.

I’ve given up all for this. Keep yourself anchored to the spot. When it comes to fear, I’m confident. In light of her being the first New Zealand woman to be signed by WWE: “I’m on a new path. We still have a lot to accomplish.

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