Is Coleen Nolan Single: When Did Coleen Nolan and Ray Fensome Break Up, and Who Is She Dating Now?

is coleen nolan single

After dating for a year, Coleen Nolan of Loose Women broke up with her boyfriend, Michael Jones, who worked at a grocery store.
The Sun reports that the former couple split up peacefully after growing apart.

“Coleen and Michael were together for a little over a year, and while they were happy at first, the spark died out in the end,” added the source. They split up in April, but have remained friendly.

She’s excited about the future and the possibility of a new romance, but she’s in no hurry. “Coleen enjoys being single and has stated that she would soon be back on online dating in search of her ideal partner.”

The actress’s rep has confirmed the split, saying, “Coleen and Michael are no longer together but remain wonderful friends and are on good terms.” Coleen, 57, made her relationship with Michael, 58, public in January by inviting him to appear on Loose Women with her.

The first meeting lasted for six hours, she said, and they’d met on the dating app Tinder.

Even after her breakup, Coleen was positive and laughing.

is coleen nolan single

Coleen and he made an appearance on Loose Women together in January after meeting on Tinder in 2021. Even though their romance ended, Coleen and Michael “have stayed close,” the tabloid said.

A representative for Coleen confirmed the news, saying, “Coleen and Michael are no longer together, but remain wonderful friends and are on good terms.”

Coleen revealed the details of their first date to the panel on the ITV show, saying, “I was about to give up on dating then we met.”

The first date lasted for a whopping six hours, and we talked the whole time. There were no uncomfortable pauses in conversation. Those seven months have flown by quickly. But everything is going swimmingly.”

Coleen said, “Seven months next week we’ve been together, it’s the first time I’ve spoken about him as generally when I meet someone they’ve moved in within a week,” indicating that her relationship with Michael was considerably different from her prior ones.

“I was hoping for complete secrecy this time around.”

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Who is Coleen Nolan seeing?

Coleen is currently single after her breakup with her boyfriend Michael, whom she began dating in January 2021. The 56-year-old woman revealed her new boyfriend, whom she met on a dating app, to the world last year. However, she has kept her boyfriend’s identity a mystery.

She told The Mirror that the age gap doesn’t bother them, but that she occasionally has doubts about whether or not she is “too old for him.”

She confessed, “I have moments of worrying I’m a bit too old for him,” referring to her 47-year-old boyfriend. “[But] like me, he is divorced and has kids.

Coleen Nolan has an ex-boyfriend, but how did they meet?

Coleen and Michael, who had almost a decade of the age difference between them, met through a dating app.

She went on to clarify that anyone might fall into either category: “you can be an old soul at 30 and find people of your own age tedious” or “you can be a younger 50 who is still wanting to party and is better matched to someone younger.”

Coleen, though, was concerned that the age difference could become a problem. “I believe my issue about dating someone a lot younger would be that he would get to a point where he thought I was too old for him.”

She said, revealing her fear of feeling old due to her relationship with a younger man. Separation was tough for the couple during the confinement.

When asked, Where Coleen Nolan Resides, She Usually Says “at Home.”

A Cheshire country estate serves as Coleen Nolan’s home. The singer and TV host, formerly married to Ray Fensome, ended their marriage in 2017.

During the first UK lockdown, Coleen bought her first home on her own and relocated to Cheshire, where she has resided ever since.

Shane Jr., 32, Jake, 28, and Ciara, 20, and her boyfriend, whom she met on Tinder in the summer of 2021, all have plenty of room to stay if they ever decide to pay her a visit; she also has 15 pets.

She remarked on her relocation to a beautiful rural retreat complete with a small farm, “It took us 12 hours to move 20 minutes up the road because we had to do it while socially isolating ourselves, which meant we needed three cars and a fairly small van.

Including 15 different species of animals.” Coleen has frequently offered viewers a glimpse inside her home by hosting the show from her locked-down kitchen, which features a typical rural AGA oven and a grey and white color scheme.

The living room of Coleen’s house is decorated simply with exposed wooden beams. Her living room features exposed brick and a log-burner-style fireplace, which fans can see in the video.

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Coleen Nolan and Michael Jones: New Couple or Not?

is coleen nolan singleColeen Nolan has come clean about her and Michael Jones‘ wedding preparations. Nolan has not been coy about the fact that she has a gorgeous boyfriend, whom she met on the dating app Tinder a year ago.

The panelist on Loose Women initially hid Michael’s true identity from the audience. The mother of three appeared to have changed her mind as their relationship progressed, as she and her spouse gave an interview to OK! Magazine this week.

Coleen has been on her own since the end of her marriage to Ray Fensome in 2018, and she has even suggested that she may never date again.

The ITV newscaster opened all about her romance with Michael, whom she began seeing in the summer of 2021.


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