Is Benji Krol Single: How Old Is He? Where Is He From? Who Is He Now Dating?

is benji krol single

A lot of people have used their passions and hobbies as a method to make money and become successful on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Millions of people have achieved recognition and notoriety thanks to the efforts of these three key contributors.

As a result of them, many people have reaped the benefits and they are still providing good opportunities for everyone to showcase their unique abilities in a professional manner in order to earn a great deal of money and fame, resulting in new successful people.

We’re going to talk about one such social media star who has benefited greatly from these three mediums in establishing himself as a household name and garnering a global following. With millions of dollars, he has achieved all of this at a young age.

TikTok recently celebrated its 20 millionth follower milestone, making it the nicest post-birthday gift anyone could possibly want to receive. Throughout the day, we’ll be bringing you a wealth of information on his personal and professional life.

Even though he has had a rough start in life, he has risen to the top of his field despite having to deal with all kinds of adversity, including being bullied by other kids and adults. Everything we know about this situation is included here.

Child grooming charges were levied against Benji Krol and his ex-girlfriend JeyJey

is benji krol single

As recently as August 2020, Benji Krol and his ex-boyfriend, Jorge Gardi, were accused of grooming a kid for prostitution. Accusations were made by the victim that the gay couple exploited their reputation to compel him into doing sexual acts for their own personal enjoyment.

When I first started seeing support for gay couples, Benji and JeyJey were the first that I saw. “When I saw their TikTok videos, I was awestruck and inspired. It was only in July and August of 2020 that I realized how they had taken advantage of me since their social media popularity had blinded me to their actions.”

Through the anonymous Twitter account, the purported victim also posted screenshots and explicit text from his FaceTime log. Gardi also sent the masturbation photos to the victim, according to the alleged victim.

When the accused juvenile joined Snapchat, Krol also allegedly sent him nude pictures and snaps of his “d*ck.”

Despite Benji’s claims to the contrary, it appears that he has fallen prey to Jorge’s sleight-of-hand. The victim and Benji were also apologetic to Gardi for his actions, which he admitted. However, a large number of posts relating to the claims have been deleted.

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Who Is the Girlfriend or Boyfriend of Benji Krol? Is it Krol and Abby Roberts or Nic Kauffman?

Benji Krol has been alone for a long time following the dramatic end of his relationship with JeyJey following the child grooming allegations. Despite this, speculations persist that he is romantically linked to fellow TikTok star Nick Kaufmann, despite this.

According to reports, the suspected pair originally met on TikTok when Benji DM’d Kaufmann and they became fast friends. Filming videos with each other has been a daily occurrence for the two since then.

When it comes to Nic, Krol, who has been upfront about his bisexuality on numerous occasions, is absolutely over heels in love.

Krol’s suspected connections to Kaufmann aren’t the only ones out there. In the last few years, there have been numerous reports claiming that he is seeing his best friend and fellow social media star, Abby Roberts.

The rumors of an affair between Roberts and Krol have been rejected multiple times by both of them.

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A Look Into Benji Krol’s Net Worth and Career

Is Benji Krol Single

In total, Benji has over 7.25 million social media fans.

There are 500,000 YouTube subscribers, 450, 000 Twitter followers, 5.1 million TikTok fans, and 1.2 million Instagram followers. He makes money by promoting products and brands on social media, such as beauty masks, cosmetics, and hotels.

Benji’s projected monthly income is $30,000, thanks to his 7.2 million strong fan base. The estimated wealth of Benji Krol is $200,000.


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