Inventing Anna: What Is The Plot? When Will It Release?

Inventing Anna: What Is The Plot? When Will It Release?

Inventing Anna is based on a real story covered by journalist Jessica Pressler. Who told the world about the glorious lie of the German swindler of Russian origin. As per the reports, Netflix paid Sorokina a whopping $ 320,000 to get the rights to publish her story. Today, there can be no doubt about the release date of all the series Inventing Anna, since, at the beginning of 2022, the long-awaited project will appear on the big screens.

Inventing Anna: When Will The Show Release?

The name of Shonda Rhimes is associated with such high-profile projects as Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away With A Murder. The screenwriter collaborated with ABC for fifteen long years, but in 2018 she opted for the Netflix streaming platform. The official release date of Inventing Anna has not been revealed so far, but it has been commented that the show premiere in early 2022. 

After the resounding success of the Bridgertons, the well-known company and Mrs. Rimes continue to work for the audience’s benefit. This time, the audience will be shown the story of the famous fraudster Sorokina, who cleverly deceived society. The first part of the show will include ten episodes. 

Inventing Anna: What Is The Plot?

So, in the center of the plot is a certain Mrs. Delvi, who calls herself a wealthy person. Staying in a prestigious hotel, she spreads rumors about her solid position and desire to open an art gallery. In the course of the story, it becomes clear that the girl turns out to be a skillful swindler who owes an impressive amount to creditors. This is what will be discussed in the new film by Shonda Rhimes.

As we remember, Sorokin was exposed. The girl was born into a family of wealthy Russian emigrants, but she still managed to get loans for 200 thousand dollars. The real heroine of this story ended up in prison without admitting her guilt.

She was released ahead of schedule for good behavior, and several producers became interested in her case at once. However, Shonda Rhimes informed the audience when the show Inventing Anna would release.

Inventing Anna: Who’s In The Cast?

The show is garnered with some of the significant names of the Hollywood TV industry. These include:

  • Julia Garner as Delvi
  • Anna Klumski as the journalist Vivian
  • Katie Lowes as Rachel
  • Jeff Perry as Lou
  • Barry as Terry Kinney
  • Jennifer Esposito as Thalia

Initially, Madeline Brewer was to become the essential character in the project. But she had to turn down the offer due to the heavy workload. So the main role went to Julia Garner, whom the audience knows from the Ozarks.


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