How to Store Cannabis Seeds Long Term

How to Store Cannabis Seeds Long Term: The Proper Way to Keep Cannabis Seeds for Future Planting [explained]

Forget about growing a high-quality crop of marijuana if you don’t start with great seeds. One fact that many gardeners seem to overlook is that their seeds are actually living organisms.

Cannabis seeds are fairly hardy, but they can still be ruined by bad storage. Losing an entire batch of seeds can be very costly if you pay $10 to $20 per seed.

When you first plant your marijuana seeds, they are in a dormant state not unlike that of hibernating animals. If you don’t take proper care of your seeds, they will eventually die, just like any other living thing. Good news: cannabis seeds have a five-year shelf life if stored properly after harvest.

Protecting Your Marijuana Seedlings From Light

How to Store Cannabis Seeds Long Term

Your seeds need to be stored in a place that is dark, cool, and dry. You should keep the seeds in their original packaging for the best results. Cannabis seeds use their stored nutrients when they are exposed to temperature changes or light. There won’t be enough food for them to germinate now.

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Exposure to Light

Embryonic tissues, which contain the genetic information for cannabis, are safely tucked away inside the seeds. The strain you end up cultivating is determined by this factor.

Long-term cannabis seed storage requires a dark, cool place, so the grow room isn’t a good option. A container that can be sealed and keeps out light is ideal.

The embryo inside a cannabis seed does benefit from the shell. But keep in mind that in nature, cannabis seeds typically fell to the ground in the late fall. A thin layer of soil would keep them dormant until the following spring when they would sprout.

Cannabis seeds aren’t photosensitive by nature, so growing them in bright light is doomed to fail. Maximum germination rates can be maintained by storing cannabis seeds in the refrigerator in a dark, humidity-proof container.

If you want to keep your Dutch Passion cannabis seeds fresh, all you have to do is reseal the seed packet with tape and place it back in the seed tin or another container.

It is common practice to refrigerate cannabis seeds in Eppendorf tubes (typically black or amber). Even though Eppendorf tubes are typically used to store liquids, they are also commonly used to store cannabis seeds.

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How to Store Cannabis Seeds Long Term

A dark drawer or cupboard will do if you need to store something for a short period of time. No matter how long something needs to be stored, maintaining a constant temperature and humidity level is of paramount importance.

Temperature swings that happen too quickly are the biggest threat to your seeds. Outside storage should be avoided if you live in a warm day/cold night climate.

Keep the seeds dry with desiccant if you need to store them for a while. Store it in a cool, dark place after sealing it.

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