cannabis free cigarettes

Cannabis Free Cigarettes: Smoking as Treatment and The #make the Switch Movement

The #MakeTheSwitch campaign was launched on “World No-Tobacco Day” by “The Trost,” a New Delhi-based lifestyle and wellness start-up. The tobacco awareness day is held annually on May 31 to raise public consciousness about the devastating effects of tobacco use.

With the same goal in mind, the company “The Trost” has launched a campaign called “Make the Switch,” which promotes the use of tobacco- and nicotine-free hemp rollers by offering Indians the country’s first prescription-based herbal and healthy hemp and cannabis-based cigarettes.

cannabis free cigarettes

The prevalence of cigarette dependence is one area that these rollers hope to improve. The campaign has been a huge success ever since it was first introduced.

In addition to extending and improving one’s life, leading a healthy lifestyle is critical to experiencing fulfillment in the here and now. For this way of life to be sustainable, we must give up bad habits like smoking and drinking.

Most people today are aware of the serious health risks posed by cigarette smoking, including artery hardening, decreased blood flow, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, etc.

Smoking tobacco cigarettes can also cause lung diseases. It causes harm to the lungs’ air passages and tiny air sacs. It increases the risk of blood clots which block the flow of blood to various parts of the body like the heart, brain, and legs.

Although people are aware of the deadly effects of smoking cigarettes, they do not possess the information about the availability of hemp cigarettes which are tobacco free, and the benefits associated with them.

Through #Maketheswitch, “The Trost” urges people to switch from tobacco cigarettes to hemp cigarettes which is a healthy and sustainable alternative.

The goal of the #MakeTheSwitch campaign is to raise awareness of the dangers of nicotine addiction and encourage people to quit using the substance altogether. As the pandemic has highlighted the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, the message of “The Trost” takes on greater significance.

Nicotine replacement therapy using hemp cigarettes can help people kick harmful routines in favor of long-lasting, healthful ones. Dhuma Yoga is the inspiration for the novel idea of hemp cigarettes.

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Dhuma Yoga is a traditional Indian medicine remedy that combines five herbs, one of which is cannabis. After burning these five herbs, the user inhales the resulting smoke through their nose and mouth. You can still enjoy smoking while reaping the many benefits of hemp tobacco with these cigarettes.

cannabis free cigarettes

It’s common knowledge that it’s impossible to completely eradicate a way of life from which the vast majority of people have voluntarily chosen to partake. It is possible, however, to offer a workable alternative that is superior to the alternatives in terms of health and sustainability.

Just this is what the creators of “The Trost” had in mind. Its goal is bigger than just selling more of its product; it’s to improve people’s lives in meaningful ways by remaining true to a central idea.

In a world where everyone is just imposing the idea that people should stop smoking, “The Trost” aims to encourage people to make the right choices that can lead to a healthy life while also paving the way for an alternative safer option.

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